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The Ortega-Murillo dictatorship strengthens diplomatic relations with the “triangle of evil”

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The Ortega-Murillo dictatorship strengthens diplomatic relations with the "triangle of evil"

Opposition analysts consider that the Ortega-Murillo dictatorship, by strengthening its diplomatic relations with the so-called “triangle of evil”, made up of Iran, with whom it already has diplomatic relations; North Korea, where he will open an embassy in the coming days; and Syria, which will be attended by the same ambassador in Iran, would be causing greater isolation for Nicaragua and serious economic consequences.

The former ambassador of Nicaragua to the Organization of American States (OAS) Arthur McFields He believes that the Nicaraguan dictatorship is seeking repressive ideological, political, and military support in these three countries “characterized for being highly repressive” and that, in addition, are included in the main lists of sanctions and international questions for religious persecution, repression, human rights violations, and links to terrorism.

“This is serious, it is worrying and Ortega seeks to get closer to these countries mainly when he realized that he has been left alone among the Latin American and Caribbean left,” argues the former ambassador to the OAS.

For her part, the former guerrilla commander and former politician of the dictatorship Dora Maria Tellez analyzes that the Ortega-Murillos seek to improve their position of support in the United Nations, where they have also been isolated.

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«Opening relations with Syria, some countries in Africa and North Korea, with whom there were already relations at the time of the revolution, has more to do with the fact of seeking a correlation that is not so adverse in the General Assembly of the United Nations (UN). They are very afraid that condemnations will come out in the UN against the Ortega-Murillo regime, ”says the exiled former political area.

Meanwhile, the opposition leader, also a former politician and exiled by the dictatorship Juan Sebastian Chamorro He assures that for weeks he has been warning that the strategy of the dictators Ortega and Murillo is “associating with that ‘axis of evil’ that means North Korea, Syria, Iran, Russia, Cuba and Venezuela”, which he classifies as the “most totalitarian, most criminal, most undemocratic regimes in the world.”

“That is a foreign policy already defined, identified and on that, you have to see the consequences for Nicaragua, which are more economic and political isolation, serious problems to deal with the international community, since it is being part of an alliance with the most totalitarian regimes in the world,” Chamorro assesses.

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The also exiled opposition leader Felix Maradiaga He believes that the dictator Ortega seeks political and economic support from those states, which are also isolated from the democratic world, because their natural partners are those that belong to that “ecosystem of dictatorships and autocracies.”

The Nicaraguan dictatorship, says Maradiaga, tries to strengthen its position on the international scene by allying itself with countries that have a critical stance towards Western democracies and particularly towards the United States. «It is a decision that he makes guided by his deep anti-Americanism. In addition, it could seek military and technological assistance, as well as access to natural resources and alternative markets; However, these states do not have the economic or technological capacity to offer anything interesting to the people of Nicaragua”, details the opposition leader.

Greater insulation

Maradiaga warns that Ortega’s diplomatic alliance with those totalitarian regimes could mean greater isolation for Nicaragua and criticism from the international community, especially from democratic countries. “This could affect trade relations and foreign investment in the country,” he notes.

For his part, a former Nicaraguan diplomat who preferred to speak anonymously believes that the dictatorship seeks accompaniment in the face of its loneliness, and it will be even more so when its departure from the OAS officially materializes.

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He adds that the Ortega-Murillo dictatorship has to resort to those countries, which are internationally considered very badly and “it would be involving Nicaragua in the group of nations with the highest rate of human rights violations and that permanently fail to comply with the basic principles of international law.”

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