The official logo of Petro's presidential command transmission

The official logo of Petro’s presidential command transmission

On July 24, Gustavo Petro, through his official Twitter account, announced the official logo of the presidential command transmissionin which three butterflies with the colors of the Colombian flag can be seen.

(The three key issues of the Petro government in its relationship with the US).

“I am waiting for the people of Bogotá and Colombia, this August 7 in the center of Bogotá. Each plaza and square in the center will have an explosion of culture and joy”, the president-elect stated on the social network. In addition, he stated that all “the streets, squares of the center will be filled with the owner of the State: the people,” Petro published.

For its part, the logo designer, Carlos Duque, He told EL TIEMPO how he came to illustrate the broadcast logo. According to him, they called him “by instruction of the incoming president himself” and together they proposed the ideas that could better represent the government plan.

(The main points of the Petro tax, according to its Minhacienda).

Duke explained that butterflies symbolize the biodiversity of Colombia, the “environmental commitment and the fragility of life in all its manifestations”. In addition to representing the search for a “much broader peace, which includes something beyond agreements between armed groups.”


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