The number of deceased after the passage of Hurricane Julia in Nicaragua rises to five

The number of deceased after the passage of Hurricane Julia in Nicaragua rises to five

Rescuers from the General Directorate of Firefighters found between Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday morning the bodies of two citizens of Mulukukú, in the North Caribbean, and Estelí, who they were dragged by the currents of rivers that overflowed during the passage of tropical storm Juliawhich impacted the national territory as a category one hurricane.

The bodies of three other people: two men and one woman, were found on Monday, October 9. Two of them were dragged by the currents in Estelí and Boaco; and one died when a tree fell on him in Jinotega. The latter was identified as Jesson Valerio Urbina Martínez, 24 years old.

Nicaraguan authorities have not confirmed any of the deaths reported by municipalities and local media. The regime of Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo maintains that there was no human loss.

In addition, the Nicaraguan State has still not provided a detailed report on the effects that Julia has left behind as she passed through Nicaragua, although they have revealed preliminary data They indicate that more than 8,000 homes were affected with partial and total damage and flooding throughout the country, noting that they continue to account for damage and these figures could increase.

Channel 48 Tele Sébaco reported that, after three days of searching, rescuers found the body of Gustavo Adolfo Talavera Cruz, 55, who had disappeared since the afternoon of Sunday, October 9, after trying to cross a bridge in the Boris Vega neighborhood. , Estelí, which was overwhelmed by the current of the El Zapote creek.

Talavera was found on a bridge near the Miraflor community, at Finca La Concha, in Estelí. Juan José Talavera, brother of the deceased, confirmed that it was his relative.

The body of Miguel Siles, 30, was found on the afternoon of Tuesday, October 11, after he was reported missing on Sunday after being dragged by the currents of the Tuma River, in Mulukukú, according to reports from the official Radio Ya.

First reported deaths

The first body to be found was that of José Daniel Rodríguez Ramírez, 47, who initially had not been identified by the emergency services, who found him on Monday morning between branches and weeds in the Alfredo neighborhood. Lazo, about 300 meters from the El Zapote ravine, in Estelí.

Local media reported that, on Sunday, October 9, the citizen tried to cross the El Zapote creek through the Fe y Alegría school sector on board his motorcycle, license plate ES 12319, but was swept away by strong currents.

In addition, they indicated that Rodríguez Ramírez was a resident of the El Pastoreo community in Estelí, where he will receive a Christian burial.

The other fatality found last Monday was Scarleth Velásquez Toledo, 17, who was reported missing since noon on Sunday and who was a resident of the El Llanito community, Santa Lucía, in the department of Boaco, in central Nicaragua. .

The teenager was swept away by the currents of the ravine that crosses the El Llanito community and, according to a report by Voces en Libertad, her body was searched unsuccessfully since Sunday afternoon and work was resumed on Monday morning. finding it seven kilometers west of the point from which it was dragged.

Lifeguards also continue the search for Sergio Leonel Luquez Figueroa, who, according to local media in Matagalpa, was dragged when he tried to cross the Cálico River while intoxicated, near the El Zarzal community, in San Dionisio, Matagalpa.

Julia leaves more than 27 dead in Central America

The passage of the tropical storm through Central America has left at least 27 dead, according to the official report of the Governments of Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras.

The civil protection authorities of Guatemala reported that thirteen people died, four are missing and eleven were injured in recent days due to the passage of the tropical storm, which dissipated on Monday near the border of that country with Mexico.

Most of the rains took place in northern Guatemala. One of the victims was a soldier who, in the middle of a rescue effort, crossed an improvised bridge, fell into a river and broke the security loop.

In El Salvador, ten people died — five soldiers and five civilians — and more than 2,000 were evacuated. According to official data, the rains left 66 houses affected, 26 rivers overflowed, 86 landslides and 184 fallen trees.

In Honduras, four people were confirmed dead, while more than 103,000 were affected by flooding and landslides due to rainfall.

(With information from EFE)

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