The number of deaths from the run-over of migrants in Texas rose to eight

A driver of Hispanic origin ran over a group of migrants outside a shelter in Texas on the morning of Sunday, May 7. People were waiting for transportation that would take them to other states

The number of migrants killed increased to eight after being run over by a driver of Hispanic origin outside a shelter in Texas on Sunday, May 7, after one of those who were injured died at the health center to which he was transferred .

The announcement was made by Brownsville, Texas police lieutenant Martín Sandoval, who explained at first that seven people died in the incident and another 10 were injured with various levels of severity.

Sandoval indicated that the driver, currently detained by authorities, is not cooperating. Therefore, they still do not know if the run over of the migrants was intentional or not.

The official added that authorities obtained a blood sample from the driver and a toxicology test was ordered to determine if he had used drugs or alcohol.

“Brownsville police have never taken the position that this was an intentional act, but it is a factor that we have to look at,” Sandoval said.

He added that the driver of the vehicle will be prosecuted for dangerous driving, but could be subject to other charges, according to police.

The migrants, the morning of the Sunday May 7, They were outside the Bishop Enrique San Pedro Ozanam Center, in the Texas city of Brownsville, waiting for a ride that would take them to other states, including New York. They were sitting at the bus stop when a Land Rover van rammed into them killing at least seven people instantly.

Víctor Maldonado, director of the shelter, said that the majority of the deceased are of Venezuelan nationality.

The media indicates that the Centro Obispo Enrique San Pedro Ozanam shelter is the only one that operates at night in the city of Brownsville and manages the release of thousands of migrants from federal custody.

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Chavismo and opposition reproach death of migrants in Texas

After the incident, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a statement in which he urged the US authorities to investigate what happened to the migrants and clarify the facts; this in order to clear up the doubt that it was an attack due to alleged xenophobia.

Similarly, the Foreign Ministry expressed its regret on behalf of the administration of Nicolás Maduro for the deceased.

For his part, the commissioner of the General Secretariat of the Organization of American States (OAS) for the migratory crisis, David Smolansky, stated in Twitter condolences and warns that in the last seven days, at least six migrants have died on migration routes and another 115 have been deported.

That number coincides with the Aerolíneas Estelar plane that transported a group of 115 Venezuelans who had been stranded on the border between Chile and Peru for several days.

For his part, the former president of the National Assembly in 2015, Juan Guaidó, described what happened to migrants in Texas as “painful” and expressed that these people are vulnerable because they “flee expelled” from the country. He also asks that the facts be clarified and those responsible be punished.

The Brownswille center has registered a significant presence of migrants in recent weeks, who are released there after turning themselves in to the border patrol.

The death of these migrants occurred when there were only a few days left until the end, on May 11, of the Title 42 immigration regulation, which came into effect during the term of former President Donald Trump and which the Joe Biden administration continued to expel them. with the argument of the covid-19 pandemic.

To prepare for the possible problems generated by the end of this regulation, due to the possible increase in the migratory flow, 1,500 soldiers are deployed at the border to support the agents of the US Border Patrol.

With additional information from EFE / R.F.I.

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