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The number of candidates in general elections is the highest in two decades

At least since 2002, the general elections have not registered such an expressive female participation, either in absolute numbers, with 9,239 candidates, or as a proportion of the total, with 33.81% of eligible candidates being women.The number of candidates in general elections is the highest in two decades

The data, from the Superior Electoral Court (TSE), take into account only suitable candidacies, that is, those that met all legal and formal criteria and were granted by the Electoral Justice.

In 2018, for example, when parties were already required to have at least 30% of female candidates, women represented 31% (8,075) of candidates eligible to receive votes. In 2014, this proportion was 28.81% (6,331).

The numbers reflect even in the presidential race, in which there are four women in the dispute for the Planalto. At least since 2002 there has not been such a significant number of women running for elective positions.

This year there is also a record of candidates who declared themselves black. There are 1,706 who had their registration granted, 18.47% of all female candidates. In 2018 that number was 1,086, and 647 in 2014.

The same occurs with those who declared themselves indigenous, who are 77 this year, up from 48 in 2018 and only 25 in 2014.

In total, the 2022 Elections have 27,329 eligible candidates, who are vying for positions for president, governor, federal deputy and state deputy.

The first round of voting is scheduled for October 2. An eventual runoff for the positions of president and governor will take place on October 30.

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