El notable músico cubano César “Pupy” Pedroso, fallecido este 17 de julio a los 75 años de edad. Foto: fotosdlahabana.com / Archivo.

The notable Cuban musician César “Pupy” Pedroso passed away

the remarkable cuban musician César “Pupy” Pedroso died this Sunday at the age of 75, according to official sources.

Considered one of the most important figures of popular dance music on the island, Pedroso joined various groups throughout his career, including Los Van Van, which he founded in 1969 together with the also deceased Juan Formell and in which It lasted for more than three decades.

As pianist, arranger and composer of that legendary orchestra, he was responsible for not a few vanvanero hits, and together with Formell on bass and José Luis Quintana “Changuito” on pailas, he contributed from the piano to the creation of the popular songo rhythm.

For twenty years he had directed his own orchestra, Pupy y Los que Son Son, and had won the National Music Award for 2013.

His death, confirmed to the official site Cubadebate by the Cuban Institute of Music, has had a rapid impact on social networks, in which messages of regret for his physical departure and condolences to his family and friends have multiplied.


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