"The new generations have to contribute their own and strengthen our society"

“The new generations have to contribute their own and strengthen our society”

The message of the homily on the sixth day of the novena in honor of the Virgin of Caacupé was focused on the “new evangelization of Paraguay”, hand in hand with young people so that the church is the soul of a different country.

The emeritus bishop of Caacupé, Monsignor Claudio Giménez was in charge of officiating the mass this Saturday in the Minor Basilica of Caacupé, under the theme “The role of young people in the Church and in society.”

The monsignor spoke of decadence in today’s society that affects the whole world, not just Paraguay. At that point, he mentioned the case of the drug that, according to him, decomposes everyone, mainly young people and lately children.

He argued that another negative condition that must be repealed is the generalized corruption that weighs, hurts and annoys. In addition to the violence that increasingly afflicts the country.

He also pointed out that everything mentioned above must be eradicated to have a prosperous and happy country. “There are also signs of greatness and prosperity that cannot be denied and are out in the open,” he said.

The religious asserted that the generation of young people must contribute the best of themselves for the greatness of the homeland. “They have to contribute the most noble thing that they carry in their hearts to beautify, rejuvenate and strengthen the church in Paraguay, they have a wide field of action,” he added.

Promote the new evangelization of Paraguay

At another time, he asked young people “to be encouraged to propose the new evangelization of Paraguay”, renewing the request made by Saint John Paul II during his visit to Paraguay on May 18, 1988, specifically in Caacupé.

“The new generations have to contribute theirs now and bring a new, different and strengthening blood to our society and our church”, he stressed.

Along the same lines, he asked the young people if they would be willing to carry out the challenge that Saint John Paul II made, alluding to the evangelization of humanity.

“That is what it is about, that many young men and girls are chosen to announce the evangelization of Jesus in a new, vigorous, agile and contagious way, to renew our church from within, that this church be the soul of a new homeland, from a different country,” he finally said.

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