Foto: Twitter / Martín Nessi

The multicolored coalition prioritized a partisan political vision by rejecting IDB loans, says FA mayor

Photo: Twitter / Martin Nessi
Photo: Twitter / Martin Nessi

The mayor of the Broad Front in Montevideo, Martín Nessi, regretted that the multi-colored coalition voted against the loan that the Municipality of Montevideo needed to carry out sanitation works, and understands that the rejection was “for a plain and simple partisan issue, electoral ”.

“The National Party pushes a good part of the opposition to say no (…) And it does so with an undemocratic speech, a speech that could even be said with some elements of hate,” said the departmental legislator from the Front in an interview with M24.

For Nessi, “the opportunity to improve the quality of life of the people of Montevideo was lost; At stake was a program that in its entirety was betting on having an investment of 100 million dollars in the Department, 30 that the Intendancy contributed in a process (…) of negotiation.”

For the legislator, who belongs to the MPP, until last Thursday, April 21, there was a climate to “vote the sanitation for approximately 10,000 people”, in works such as the renovation of waste collection, classification plants, improvement of drainage in different parts of the city, maintenance of the Arteaga Network, sanitation for Cerro Norte, for Casabó, and others.

“And well, in short, all of that fell apart, it was truncated by arguments that a priori one can say ‘well, they can’t surprise us,’ but they did surprise us because of how the negotiation took place,” he added.

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