The most effective trick to advance the appointment of the United States visa: you do not need to pay a single peso

The most effective trick to advance the appointment of the United States visa: you do not need to pay a single peso

Thousands of Colombians dream of visiting the United States, a country that, although it has great job opportunities, education, housing, and tourism, has a major obstacle: obtaining the American visa.

This is one of the most difficult documents to process, since being part of the process does not mean that it is already valid, on the contrary, many times it is denied even in the last filter.

In addition, in recent months it has become almost impossible to get an appointment to access the corresponding interview process, and as if that were not enough, appointments are being generated for 2025, that is, two years of waiting.

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Because of this, a TikTok user posted a video in which she left some steps and recommendations that would help her make that appointment happen.

The post, which has caught the attention of netizens, shows the importance of filling out the forms and submitting the documents required for this process.

Paola, as the ‘tiktoker’ is identified, began by clarifying that she did not have the help of any agency, revealing that “she supported herself with a friend who had filled it out before” and following the step by step of a video published by the Embassy.

According to the woman, you should take the first appointment that is available regardless of the date, the important thing will be to have a quota. Thus, you can enter with your username and password at any time and check if there is an appointment sooner.

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He also explained that although there is neither a date nor an exact time for the search of appointmentsyou can go entering and find more options.

“I overtook her three times, I went in to look all the time, and there I made appointments available,” he said.

Finally, he added that It is possible to reschedule and advance appointments as many times as desired and necessary. “If they enter and do not select a new one, there is no problem, they will have the one they already had.”

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