The money Borré and Eintracht earned for the Europa League title

The money Borré and Eintracht earned for the Europa League title

The EintrachtFrankfurt was crowned champion of the Europe League 2021-2022. The German squad won the final, played in Seville (Spain) at rangers, from Scotland.

The match, in 120 minutes (90 regulations and 30 extra) ended 1-1 and Eintracht won 5-4 on penalties.

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The Colombian Rafael Santos Borré was a figure in the meeting He scored the equalizer for the German club and in the shootout from 11 meters he scored the final one to the joy of the ‘Teutons’.

The Europa League title was Eintracht’s second in the tournament (the first had been in the 1979-1980 season, when it was called the Uefa Cup) and the third at international level (it won the Intertoto Cup in the 1966-1967 academic year).

In addition to sporting glory, the German team kept a good sum of money and here we tell you how much it was.

Santos Borré, figure of Eintracht in the final of the Europa League.



The first thing is that the title gives Frankfurt direct access to the 2022-2023 Champions League. Now in terms of economics, the figures are quite interesting.

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According to the specialized portal, It is important to note that for each phase, Uefa awards a prize, as well as for each win or draw during the contest.

– For playing the group stage: €3.63 million.

– The one who passes to the next round of first: €1.1 million.

– The one who goes to the next round as second: €550,000.

– For reaching the round of 32: €500,000.

– For reaching the round of 16: €1.2 million.

– For reaching the quarterfinals: €1.8 million.

– For reaching the semi-final: €2.8 million.

– For reaching the final: €4.6 million.

– For winning the final: 4 million euros.

Additional to that, 630,000 euros are awarded for each match won and 210,000 euros for each draw.

So, the final figure that they will consign to Eintracht, Taking into account that he played all the phases, that he was first in his group, that he won 7 games (4,410,000 euros) and drew 6 (1,260,000 euros), it is: 25,300,000 euros, more than 107,000 million pesos.

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To this we must add the prizes that the players negotiated with the club to achieve the title.

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