The moment

The moment

What will people vote for in 2024? Sometimes politicians do not interpret the moments that the towns live, the people, that is, the conjunctures. In this context, in the elections that will take place in less than 2 years, the priorities of the people will not be the same as those that pushed them to the polls in 2020 because the world is different since the covid-19 pandemic and the economic impact world war in Europe after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Now the problems are survival, subsistence, food security and jobs that allow people to cover their basic needs in the face of inflation. In the case of the Dominican Republic, citizen insecurity appears in first and second place among the problems that most concern people.

When citizens went to the polls in 2020, they had the issue of corruption in third place among their concerns, but the polls are beginning to show that this concern is now in sixth and seventh place on the list of priorities for citizens.

President Luis Abinader and the PRM were practically elected with the mandate to confront corruption and impunity. The president has made an effort to fulfill his campaign promise by appointing people without party ties to key positions in the Attorney General’s Office. However, two years later this process seems slowed down, although the fight against corruption is not on the priority agenda of the people, the government must maintain it as a fortress.

The moment

It has been doing it and we would have to see how events unfold and the complicated local and international economic situation. What is not right is the government’s speech that some businessmen complement, something like that the country is at its best. That speech seems distant from the reality that the country and the world live. These are convulsive times, of global uncertainty.

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