The Ministry of Economy launches a site on procedures and services

The Ministry of Economy launches a site on procedures and services

The site, details the dependency, offers a simple language, a clear interface, easy to navigate and accessible; guides users step by step to achieve their goals.

Procedures and e.Economy services

Upon entering the site, the user will find the following:

· The complete catalog of procedures of the Ministry of Economy, where you can consult information on requirements, steps to carry them out and links to download your files and start the process online
· The catalog of online services of the Ministry of Economy: includes websites for consultation, training, guidance, data, procedures, trade applications for companies, programs and tools for the industry, among others
· Guides to guide people and companies in achieving objectives: the first issue is about the life cycle of companies (planning, opening, operation and closure)
The structure of the secretariat
· The Directory of Representative Offices
A list of entities in the economy sector
· One search engine per area

“This effort facilitates access to the services offered by the Ministry of Economy in a transparent and friendly manner for the benefit of citizens. She takes you by the hand from the simplest step to the most complicated in the process of opening a company or in other procedures”, said the Secretary of the Economy, Tatiana Clouthier.

e.economia is committed to the “diversification of economic sectors”, by facilitating the opening of new companies and the promotion of “traditional and state-of-the-art” productive sectors and entrepreneurship on all its scales, said Economy in the statement.

In addition, it enhances the official website of the secretariat with new tools and is part of a comprehensive strategy of government and open data, transparency and digital transformation of the institution.



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