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June 11, 2023
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The middle structures of the PSUV are sworn in in Cojedes

The revolutionary Chavista people of the Cojedes state overflowed the streets of the Rómulo Gallegos municipality with a great march in support of President Nicolás Maduro, beginning the route on Bolívar avenue to Sucre street in Las Vegas, where, in addition, the middle structures of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) of the entity, were sworn in.

These activities were headed by the First Vice President of the red awning, Diosdado Cabello Rondón, the PSUV’s national political liaison for Cojedes, Iris Varela, as well as the organizer of the PSUV in the entity, Jhon Carlos Moreno.

Cabello pointed out that they have been doing this type of activity throughout the country, visiting some places to recognize the middle street structures and the entire team, as well as the heads of the Bolívar Chávez Battle Units (UBCh), community leaders, parish and municipal teams and the State Political Team.

Likewise, he recognized the great commitment of the youth of the PSUV and the allied parties that are always present, “we have a great commitment to make the recognitions… that under the leadership of the compañera and sister Iris there they are fighting, it is not easy”, highlighted the First Vice President of the PSUV.

He stressed that the opponents have visited some municipalities and the first thing they say is that Chavismo is violent, “they accuse us, the Chavista hordes, do you remember that? Right now they are taking the insults against Chavismo out of the trunk of memories, according to them we are violent,” Cabello said.

Regarding these accusations by the Venezuelan opposition, Diosdado Cabello asserted that “we have endured in silence, sanctions, blockade, persecutions, outrages, daily threats from imperialism, these persecutions. Who has requested the threats against the country? the opposition sector, and then who are the violent ones?” he questioned.

He expressed that the opposition will arrive with a clean face, “after they asked for all that, they are going to ask for a vote and the people will see if they give the vote to the person who asked that their town be bombed… and if any of them come here, Ask them why you asked for the bombing of your country, the blockade and sanctions for your country, you have to question them,” warned Diosdado Cabello.

He indicated that the Venezuelan right plays to generate doubts, insisting that now in the revolution the PSUV, “is our main strength, to keep us united in any circumstance, to be able to overcome the past setback, to rise from that setback and rise again the banners of victory,” Cabello said.

Diosdado Cabello, reaffirmed his support for President Nicolás Maduro, “A colleague of ours asked me, who was going to be the Maduro candidate or me?… And I told him, I am with Maduro, I support Maduro and with Maduro I rest ; in good times and in bad with Maduro I rest.”

Swearing in of medium structures of the PSUV

Before the swearing in of the middle structures of the PSUV in Cojedes, the First Vice President of the red awning, explained that the swearing in is a commitment, “a commitment as long as one truly swears, when one swears with the heart, with the soul Every time there is a doubt, he remembers that oath and says: I am not giving up, I gave my word, I am a man of my word and here I am standing supporting the Bolivarian revolution”, he stressed.

He urged the revolutionary people to be attentive to those opponents who, when there are elections, go and ask Chavismo for a vote, “and they say: come with me because I love you! It will be I want you to suffer, it is their motto, that is why brothers and sisters I ask for maximum unity, ”he warned.

Finally, the first vice president of the PSUV, reported that he will carry out a deployment in the 9 municipalities, to listen to the people and continue strengthening the morale of the revolutionaries.

For her part, Iris Varela, began her speech by expressing that Chávez continues to mobilize this people, “a conscious Chavista people, right now in support of President Nicolás Maduro, forceful who today has walked the streets from Las Vegas from the entrance of the municipality”,

He sent a message to the commander-in-chief of the party, Nicolás Maduro, in support of his policies, stressing that “we understand how hard he has had throughout this stage, but don’t worry about Cojedes, the people are here ready to recover all the political spaces for the next elections”, assured Iris Varela.

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