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The memes are angry with Marianao: “Everything is very rich here”

MIAMI, United States. — Marianao has become the fashionable municipality in Cuba. That Havana town not only received the provincial headquarters for the Castroist celebration of July 26, but has already been baptized by Cubans as the new “promised land.”

Since a report of the telecentre Havana Channel will show the world the numerous “goodness” of that municipality, Cubans have not stopped reacting to the event on social networks.

In that sense, the months on Marianao have not been long in coming, with publications that show that municipality on a par with cities like New York and Los Angeles, while others highlight its luxurious beaches and skyscrapers.

The memes are angry with Marianao: "Everything is very rich here"
(Photo: Twitter)

As usually happens in these cases, Cubans also ironize about the possibility of starting to request a visa to travel to Marianao.

The memes are angry with Marianao: "Everything is very rich here"
(Photo: Twitter)

Cuban actor Luis Silva, best known for his character Pánfilo in the humorous space Live the storyalso did not miss the opportunity to refer to that municipality.

“Hopefully when we play in Marianao we don’t have anyone left,” Silva said in a video shared on social networks after finishing a softball game by the “Comedians” team, made up of actors and comedians from the Island.

The memes are angry with Marianao: "Everything is very rich here"

the cuban singer Yotuel Romeroformer member of Orishasalso made an adaptation of the lyrics of his theme Lambo in Varaderoabout the Marian boom.

Youtuber Daguito Valdés, specialized in soccer, also alluded to the Cuban municipality of the moment.

“They inform me that Barcelona’s next stop is in Marianao. Xavi has decided to reward the victory in ´El Clásico´ in a big way and with all the luxuries that his players deserve. The stellar duo ´Los Moteros Marianenses´ will welcome you with the song ´HayDeTó´, of his own authorship”, Valdés joked in his profile on Twitter.

The memes are angry with Marianao: "Everything is very rich here"

During the last week, state propaganda has published several reports on the supposed benefits of residing in Marianao, a municipality located west of Havana where several of the province’s poorest towns and villages are located.

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