The Mayor of Lima has been touring the de-municipalized area for 12 years in the first days of January

The Mayor of Lima has been touring the de-municipalized area for 12 years in the first days of January

He was accompanied by Deputy Álvaro Lima and members of their respective work teams.

“Twelve years ago, in the first days of January, we made these tours through de-municipalized areas in the interior of the department,” Andrés Lima recalled. You always have to be close to people, that’s why we go to each place, we meet with people, we listen to each other and we catch up”.

At the beginning of the tour, in Paso de las Piedras de Arerunguá, the members of the delegation met with members of the neighborhood commission, where the Municipality reported on the intervention plan for the road that will continue and on the collection service, two concerns that the Mayor explained together with the team.

For his part, Deputy Lima reported how the management raised before ASSE for the remodeling of the polyclinic that was raised before President Leonardo Cipriani continues and regarding which they will continue to insist based on the agreement reached.

In Cerro de Vera, a good meeting was held with residents and with part of the commission where some concerns were raised about roads and the intervention in some specific points where the Municipality promised to continue with the annual work plan. Likewise, some particular bulbs that need a survey and replacement of luminaires by the public services area that has already been put on notice.

Finally, the community raised the need to have the assistance of professionals in the legal area, an ambulance from Asse and some claims to the Police Headquarters regarding the service provided. The Administration will facilitate contact with the organizations involved (Asse, Minister of the Interior and Udelar)

In Puntas de Cañas, the mayor Andrés Lima, in a one-on-one with the residents, collected the concerns that once again pass through the rural road that allows the area to move to neighboring towns to carry out administrative procedures and the workers to arrive on time to their activities.

For his part, Deputy Lima received some proposals to convey to the national authorities on rural electrification and Internet connectivity. Management that will rise to Ute and Antel.

In Puntas de Valentín, he became aware of the road work carried out by the officials of the Municipality, both in the accesses and in the internal streets of the town, the improvement of public lighting. The community requested the installation of healthy games.

Deputy Lima explained about the deed of the 36 houses that are being processed in Mevir and that are in the Cadastre Office, complying with administrative requirements.

In Paso Cementerio, a town located in the center of the department, the Municipality was informed about the road recovery plan for 2023.

The lighting of the playground, the fire room with respect to the community room and the coordination through the MGAP for the cleaning and opening of tajamares to alleviate the drought were the other concerns raised.

Deputy Lima explained about the procedure for access to rural electrification through solar panels, detailing those areas of Salto that have received this modern system. Negotiations will be taking place with the national government.

In Paso Potrero de Arerunguá, an emblematic and artistic place, the two-day tour by the mayor Andrés Lima and the deputy Álvaro Lima culminated together with members of their work teams.

Neighbors of the place were visited and shared some relaxed moments and final balance of an intense tour and a lot of contact with people.

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