The MAS questions Minister Eduardo del Castillo, but then releases him from censorship

The MAS questions Minister Eduardo del Castillo, but then releases him from censorship

The Movement Towards Socialism (MAS) questioned the Minister of Government, Eduardo del Castillo, about the insecurity in the city of El Alto, but the same pro-government caucus saved him from censorship. The opposition came out smiling and said that President Luis Arce defeated one more time to Evo Morales in the internal conflict.

Of 145 parliamentarians who met yesterday in the Plurinational Assembly, 77 from the MAS voted for the pure and simple agenda, with which the simple majority was reached and censorship of the minister was ruled out, who will remain in office. The opponents, We Believe and the Citizen Community (CC) abstained from voting.

Choquehuanca asked the deputies and senators that in order to count the votes correctly, those who supported not advancing to the second instance called the reasoned order of the day, and it did imply censorship if there were two thirds, raise their hands and stand up.
Only eight of the 27 deputies who signed the list of questions did not and they claimed their co-religionists who had risen up.

The minister took more than two hours to answer all the questions. Regarding the insecurity in El Alto, he established two key aspects in his defense: that only 1% of crimes are committed by foreigners, and that most of the “criminals” who operate in that city are Bolivians and are at home or in the neighborhood.

Deputy Ramiro Venegas lamented that the minister “makes us believe that El Alto is safer than London. Given this, it is appropriate to censor it,” he said.

Gladys Quispe, Griselda Pérez and Tania Paniagua they accused him of lying, because in the alteña city there is a migration of criminals who commit robberies, murders, robberiesand to that are added femicides and violence.

María Alanoca was forceful: “Minister, do not lie to us”. Bertha Acarapi showed him a video with testimonies from neighbors who complained about the extreme insecurity, and later, images of the inauguration of Dino’s campaign, with the presence of the Santa Cruz singer Bonny Lovy; and Commander Johnny Aguilera dancing brunette with a text on the screen that said: “This is how they work”.

The minister replied that Dino received letters in which three girls denounced that they were being abused and that they were victims of rape. “That data alone justifies the effectiveness of the campaign”he stressed.

Regarding the case of the members of last year’s class of the Police Academy who graduated at the end of January, but received a salary from the first day of 2022, the questioners even accused the minister of committing the crime of resolutions contrary to the CPE and the laws. Del Castillo showed documents indicating that The second lieutenants worked since December in the Safe Christmas campaign, “half a month ad honorembut since the beginning of this year they did receive their salaries.”


At the end of the questioning, the opponents celebrated, while the MAS assembly members once again denied division.

“Today the line of President Luis Arce was imposed, who has once again laid hands on Evo Morales. I say that he did it again because it is not the first time that he has shown the party leader that he is the president,” said the representative of Cree, Erwin Bazán.

He added that it is known that “Morales orchestrated a kind of paragovernment from the Chapare and has its representatives in Parliament, and was defeated.”

“What is unfortunate,” he said, “is that we opponents and Bolivians have had to see how a circus was set up in the National Parliament with the objective of settling internal disputes.

His colleague from CC, Luisa Nayar, agreed with that criterion. “It is unfortunate that the MAS seeks to resolve its internal struggles within the Assembly. On the one hand, the Minister of Government comes to lie to us, that he has citizen security in El Alto under control, but every day there are murders, rapes, assaults, robberies and femicides.” She added that the questioners respond to the cocalero leader “who seeks to occupy the Ministry of Government with one of his bishops.”

The head of the MAS bench in Deputies, Gualberto Arispe, responded that the MAS is more united than ever, and that in The next few days there will be a joint meeting with deputies, senators, Evo Morales and the two leaders.

“To say that this is a defeat for Evo and a victory for Arce is a total fallacy.” However, Arispe, a coca grower and close friend of Morales, added to Del Castillo that other questions are coming his way. “The issue of the police, the narco-audio case is pending. We denounced, but the investigation is very slow, ”she asserted.

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