The MAS asks to remove three authorities;  Lima says that only the president decides

The MAS asks to remove three authorities; Lima says that only the president decides

October 7, 2022, 4:00 AM

October 7, 2022, 4:00 AM

The expanded national dthe MAS, led by its leader Evo Morales, determined to censor the ministers of Justice, Iván Lima, and of the Government, Eduardo Del Castillo, “for their positions against revolutionaries and in alliance with the right” for which he asked President Luis Arce to dismiss them. They also demanded the removal of the president of the Bolivian Highway Administrator (ABC), Henry Nina, for the alleged acts of corruption.

The Minister of Justice and the Minister of Government seek to implicate the MAS with drug traffickingthat hurts, without effort, without militancy, (they are) bothering from the Government, with just reason they are asking for (their removal); I had not thought of that, (the comrades) are asking for the good management of the brother president, for the good of the MAS that he remove Iván Lima and Eduardo Del Castillo, (it is a) decision, ”Morales said at a press conference.

The differences in the officialdom have a long history. At least three evaluations of the Government and several suggestions for changes in the cabinet were made. The aforementioned ministers are in the sights of Morales and the MAS because they are not militants, they also showed positions against the MAS leader. This time they asked to discuss the matter in an emergency meeting with the heads of state.

The reaction of the Minister of Justice was almost immediate. The authority maintained that it respects the decisions of the MAS, but recalled that the appointment of authorities is the power of the president, Luis Arce. Likewise, he ruled out any possibility of initiating a trial of responsibilities against Evo Morales; Iván Lima gave these statements after taking possession of the members of the Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE).

“In this country we have a rule of law and the determinations that have to be made to the appointment of the ministers, their change and their permanence are an exclusive attribution of our president Luis Arce Catacora, with which we are not going to issue any other pronouncement in this regard, “said Lima.

In recent days, friction between Morales and Lima has been on the rise. The exmandatario reproached him for declaring the case of the “narco-letter” in reserve. Later accused him of “leaking” the report of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights (IACHR), which holds the government of the coca grower leader responsible for the torture and extrajudicial executions at the Las Américas hotel. Finally, Morales pointed out to the Minister of Justice to be biased in the investigation against the former president of the Council of the Judiciary Marvin Molina for the “cuoteo” of judicial charges.

Months ago, Del Castillo was in the eye of the storm since his statements against the Yungas coca growers and the constant appointments in the Legislative to provide reports at the request of the masistas.

About Henry Nina, the annoyance arose because despite the fact that he is involved in the case “ABC bribes”, Minister Édgar Montaño did not dismiss him and he is not being investigated either.

The expanded also reiterated the expulsion of deputy Rolando Cuéllar and rejected any trial attempt against its top leader. The vice president of the blue party, Gerardo García, took the opportunity to proclaim Evo Morales as a candidate and said that he “is the clamor” of the bases.

In a previous contact with this medium, García maintained that the attacks on Morales occur because they seek to prevent his participation in the 2025 elections and that those who are against him fuel the campaign in his favor.

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