The little champions, in the memory of the Cuban spectators

MADRID, Spain.- Under the direction of Willy Franco, one of the most enjoyed adventures on the island in the 1990s premiered in Cuba in 1989: The Championsbetter known as “The Little Champions”.

The audience, almost in its majority still with black and white television, from the introductory theme was attentive to the sporting adventures of “the little champions, ready to play, ready to beat anyone”: Yosvani, the home run hitter; Biyaya, the cacher from Santiago de Cuba; and Bienvenido, the Villa Clara pitcher.

With the national sport as the center of the plot, the adventures recreate the family, school and sports environment of these three children.

Yosvani, played by Humberto Miranda, is pressured to follow the family tradition: His father, who was given life by the late Luis Alberto Ramírez, was the coach of the Plaza team. His main rival was Biyaya, a very brash boy and a great fielder.

Bienvenido, who was called el Bienve, had come to the capital from the eastern region of the country to become the team’s star pitcher.

The objective of the protagonists is to be the best on the team to be able to integrate the Cuban team that plays against an invited team from the United States. In this game, when the locals trail behind in the last inning, Yosvani hits a home run that gives them the win.

Humberto Miranda, who left for Colombia in 2002, a few years after The Champions starred Black and white No! another of the most remembered productions of the now-defunct space “Aventuras”, very followed on the Island in the 80s and 90s. Black and white No! Released in 1994, Miranda played Alejandro, the best friend of the brothers Adriana (Laura de la Uz) and Tito (Roberto González).

From this time they also remain in the memory The kites, Siblings and shiraladamong other.

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