The Liaison Table highlighted that it discussed all the issues with Massa

The Liaison Table highlighted that it discussed all the issues with Massa

The Liaison Table highlighted that it discussed all the issues with Massa and that they expect concrete progress


Leaders of the Liaison Table highlighted the dialogue held with the Minister of Economy, Sergio Massa, and the Secretary of Agriculture, Juan José Bahillo, in a meeting they held in the Industrial Park of Escobar’s Buenos Aires party, and hoped to advance on issues concrete that will begin to review in a new meeting within 10 days.

“We talk about everything you can imagine, from meat exports, trust, exchange rate, export rights, all the demands or problems that the sector, the producers, are experiencing”detailed the president of the Argentine Rural Society (SRA), Nicolás Pino, in a meeting with the press held on route 9 and Don Bosco of that party in northern Buenos Aires.

For his part, the president of the Agrarian Federation, Carlos Acheroni, stated that “it has become clear that we are going to have an exchange these days to be able to see in what situations we can have a meeting, an understanding”.

“It is a new stage, beyond the proper names, what we must try to understand is the generation of a plan, of a consensus agreement and that our sector can really advance in situations that are quite complicated,” he added.

Meanwhile, Elbio Laucirica, vice president of Coninagro, pointed out: “We try to convey to you the issues that we have been insistently raising for a long time and we hope that precisely with this change of government there will be a change of course in politics and we will begin to see the results”.

Finally, Jorge Chemes, president of the Argentine Rural Confederations (CRA), announced that officials and rural leaders agreed that “next week the technicians of the entities will meet with the technicians of the ministry and in 10 days hold a new meeting”.

“They have to be meetings where concrete facts are shown that generate that security that we need to be able to continue dialoguing, a signal that really shows a change in the vision that the Government has towards the entities,” he emphasized.

For Chemes, it is necessary “to show facts and that is what we are highlighting today in the meeting, that the government has to show or take measures that generate trust; they have to generate trust, if there is no trust it is very difficult for us to achieve this.”

“We were listened to, but there was also talk of issues that no one had ever dealt with and that specifically we are talking about thinking about a profound tax reform, that this is not a small thing and is something necessary in this country,” he added.

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