The Legacy EMB 135-BJ aircraft from Ecuador that has the Presidency in Colombia in trouble, “we did not buy it,” said Duque

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Duque assures that no transaction was carried out to buy the Legacy plane from Ecuador.

A crossover of versions generated quite an international controversy, as Guillermo Lasso assured that Ecuador sold the presidential plane to Colombia for the sum of 8 million dollars. And then he had to apologize.

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The president of Ecuador, Guillermo Lasso, commented that he managed to sell the Legacy EMB 135-BJ aircraft to the Colombian State, however he ended up creating a political storm and he had to go out to “clarify” how that negotiation is going.

We have sold the plane. LegacyEmbraer Brazilian (…). We have sold it to the Colombian State,” Lasso said in an interview.

However, President Iván Duque had to go out and report what had happened with that purchase.

He explained that “no business has been finalized” and that this will not be done in his government period.

Simón Cueva, the Ecuadorian economy minister, reported on Monday that the sale would be made to the Colombian Air Force.

According to the Ecuadorian official, it was a “transparent” transaction from State to State, to which Duque insisted that “no aircraft has been purchased.”

In this way, he confirmed that they are only in negotiations and the panorama is being studied, but that during his government this type of purchase will not be made, he also commented that the FAC has very old planes that would be close to going out of operation and that is why they are being evaluated. Other options.

The news has caused a stir on social networks due to the diversity of divided opinions.

Postures for and against the decision of the Colombian president have put the news in the spotlight.

Finally, President Guillermo Lasso apologized for what was mentioned above regarding the negotiation, which is still underway.

The plans continue and it will possibly be carried out with the incoming government in order to finalize the purchase.

In Ecuador, Lasso has been criticized for the stir that was formed.

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