"The League of Governors is liquidated," says former political adviser to Rodolfo Hernández

“The League of Governors is liquidated,” says former political adviser to Rodolfo Hernández

After his resignation from the La Liga de Gobernantes party, the former political adviser, Óscar Jahir Hernández, pointed out that he made this decision because it was prudent to step aside, since the dream he had politically vanished.

However, he indicated that they managed to show the country that politics could be carried out differently and that It was a path that lasted three years and that they carried out from the territories.

“I stepped aside, because when you don’t agree with things, it’s best to walk away. The cause we were pursuing ended up becoming a personal and family position, which I do not share and the work teams throughout this country do not share. We visited more than 338 municipalities”, said Óscar Jahir Hernández.

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Despite the good results that former presidential candidate Rodolfo Hernández had in the 2022 presidential elections, the political vision was being lost days before, at the end of the campaign, since the presence in the territories was reduced and it was decided that there would not be a board of directors in the regions.

“When he (Rodolfo Hernández) caught a plane and went to Miami, that’s where the campaign ended for me. After the trip, it was said that he was going to make the decisions with his board of directors and not with the leaders of the regions themselves,” added Óscar Jahir Hernández.

In addition, he pointed out that when the Engineer Rodolfo Hernández arrived at the Senate of the Republic, considering that the party was not important enough to handle it personally and ended up giving it to his wife Socorro Oliveros.

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“She doesn’t know anything about politics and she ended up surrounding herself with people who don’t know anything about politics either, and therefore the political dream ended up wrapped in a shadow of errors and doubts that people have recognized day by day”, he commented.

Does the game have a future?

The former political adviser indicated that for him, the League of Governors is liquidated and has no future, since in the latest controversies in which Rodolfo Hernández has been involved, no one has come to his defense.

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“If you want to do politics for the people, but without the people it doesn’t make any sense. The engineer decided to leave everything thrown away and in the hands of people who do not understand what politics means and they see it in a business way. There what they are going to need is an accountant and not social leaders”, she pointed out.

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