The intense heat at the epicenter of the Matanzas fire prevents access to the bodies of the victims

The last hospitalized for the worst industrial fire in Cuba is discharged

The last of the 146 people injured in the serious industrial fire that occurred in August in the Matanzas fuel storage area received a medical discharge, the Ministry of Public Health reported Thursday.

Almost three months after the fire, the Government has still not made public the results of the investigation nor has it reported the economic and environmental cost of this incident, the largest of an industrial type that Cuba has suffered in its history, and which caused the death of 17 people.

The daily part of Public Health on the victims -mainly firefighters- details that, in addition to the deceased, 129 injured have been discharged after hospitalization.

About the last admitted, no details of his identity, his injuries or the hospital where he has been treated have emerged.

Public Health reported that 129 injured have been discharged after hospitalization

On August 5, a large fire broke out at the Matanzas supertanker base, the most important on the island, when lightning struck one of the eight warehouses in the industrial park, according to Cuban authorities.

Throughout the days, the fire spread from the first tank to three other adjoining tanks -of 50,000 cubic meters each-, causing strong explosions, with flames of several tens of meters.

The Cuban emergency teams, with technical and human support from Mexico and Venezuela, took a week to extinguish the flames.

The column of smoke became visible in neighboring provinces such as Mayabeque and Havana, the latter located 104 kilometers away.

During the first stages of the fire, Cuba confirmed and thanked the offer of “technical advice” from the USAalthough nothing came to fruition.


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