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December 30, 2022
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The kidnapping of shame

Utama, a mirror we need to look at

December 30, 2022, 4:00 AM

December 30, 2022, 4:00 AM

While the Christmas greetings and wishes for a prosperous and peaceful New Year did not cease, a hooded command of the National Police kidnapped Governor Luis Fernando Camacho yesterday; They handcuffed him, put him on board a helicopter, and took him to La Paz, thereby consuming a sick anxiety for revenge for the consequences of the 2019 electoral fraud, which they hid with absurd demands from the Prosecutor’s Office.

Everything was carried out in the middle of a judicial vacation, which does not allow arrests, also ignoring due process, which should not be of much interest to a Police that has become a true army of Andean occupation of our department and that has gradually strengthened, with the permanent dispatch of troops from the interior, outside Santa Cruz, that the Minister of Government lied that they were normal replacements in the institution.

We are not going to narrate the sequences of that commando operation, perfectly staged, because it is being exposed by journalists and politicians in all the media. What we must is to go to what we think is core, and it is nothing other than the purpose of the masismo to seize political power in Santa Cruz.

And we know that to achieve this, the MAS has to keep Camacho imprisoned and press with all its tricky and fraudulent means to break and take over the Departmental Assembly. With that, everything would be consummated and the MAS would govern the department without having won a single election.

Some international and regional organizations have already spoken out censuring the kidnapping of the Governor, for which we are very grateful, but we know that, apart from the great moral support they give us, our salvation lies in ourselves, in once again mobilizing massively on the streets and roads.

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