The key to the best sex of your life

The key to the best sex of your life

How many times have we believed that the man or woman who made us see stars in bed is the love of our life? Experts say that there are a few things that make a difference in sex and make you the perfect lover.

If you are a fan of the American series Friends, you surely remember when Monica Geller showed that to have the best sex of life you should not only go straight to the action, there are many other things you can do before and during to get the most out of the situation and elevate the experience to a much more explosive point.

The renowned sexologist Lorena Olvera said it on her social networks, “if you want to have better sexual encounters, the best advice I can give you is to let your partner see how you give yourself pleasure, and then integrate those things that give you pleasure to the encounter. shared erotic.

The specialist said that if your partner sees how you like him, he will know how to caress you better, and there will be more chances of experiencing orgasms.

“Remember that if you expect women to have orgasms with vagina, we will fail most of the time. We must not forget the clitoris and what better way to know how to touch it than to show your partner how to do it, ”explained the sexologist.

It’s also important to mention that there are many different sex positions you can try, some are acrobatic, some count as exercise or even for when you don’t feel like being very active, so there’s a lot of ground to explore.

On the other hand, the sexologist Anabelle Knight, mentioned for the Mexican outlet GQ, that one thing you can do to have a better experience and become a better lover is to pay attention to 5 areas that have the key to pleasure.

Any part of the body can be an erogenous zone, which is basically an area with increased sensitivity, which can produce a sexual response when stimulated. “The only way to really know which erogenous zones are most sensitive is to try, so now you have a good excuse to experiment with new things,” she detailed.

The 5 zones you should keep in mind for the best sex (Taken from GQ)


The scalp is full of nerve endings, which is why it feels so good when you get a massage or scratch it, so it can be a key area for a better sexual experience. Experts recommend that you focus on the nape of your neck or the back of your ears for maximum stimulation, and this works for both men and women.

The inside of the wrist
Not only is it an area that comes into play when trying more risky positions or some bondage, the inside of the wrist is also a sensitive area that can help you initiate sex, plus it’s related to “danger” and emotions as related to sexual games with wives.


The stomach is very close to the largest erogenous zones and also has many nerve endings that can be stimulated in different ways. Surely you have seen this in many movies, but a good technique is to use temperature games for greater stimulation.

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