The International Book Fair of Panama is approaching, it will be held from August 17 to 21

From this Wednesday, August 17 to 21, the International Book Fair of Panama will be held where the Panamanian writer, Eduardo Verdurmen, after 10 years, will present the second version of his work Los Fantasmas de ANNI (Sebastián).

According to the novelist he had no intention of make a second part of Anni’s Ghostsbut, in view of not everyone understood the background, They only saw the love story, but not the complex world of sacrifice for others and Anni’s atonement to free her friends. In addition, the challenge of making a prequel mixed with a spin-off at the same time caught my attention, it is not easy to use two techniques that require a lot of concentration.” explained Verdurmen, confirming that it took him two years to write this book for the story to agree.

“In the prequel they will realize everything that Sebastian experienced at the time of his death and the reason for many things that happen in Anni’s Ghosts from the first book. Both books can be read at the same time and explore what each was thinking as the sequences of events occur, Being able to see both points of view.said.

Eduardo Verdurmen since he began his career as a writer has already published 9 books: Anni’s Ghosts, Anni’s Ghosts (Sebastian), Rex Angelorum 1, two Y 3; The Secret Point 1 Y two; The drawer Y Neiradbeing all a total success and positioning it among the best-selling writers in the fiction genre.

The covers of Anni’s Ghosts Y Sebastianwere designed by Verdurmen himself: “The covers of both books were designed byI myself In the first book Anni appears on the cover and in this second part, Sebastián; highlighting the protagonist of each book.”

Eduardo Verdurmen’s novels are very liked by Panamanian readers and are stories for all ages, however, those who most identify with history are young people. “Being a screenwriter and film director, my books, rather than being of a literary format, are great film scripts, where chapter by chapter can be filmed immediately, which also allows the reader to enjoy reading as if he were watching a movie or Serie.”

Eduardo Verdurmen will officially launch Anni’s Ghosts (Sebastian) at the International Book Fair of Panama, to be held at the Megapolis Convention Center, the Saturday August 20 at 7 pm, in the Carlos Francisco Changmarin Hall.

The International Book Fair of Panama is approaching, it will be held from August 17 to 21

For those who wish to purchase Anni’s Ghosts (Sebastian) and other novels by Eduardo Verdurmen, will be on sale at stand 25 of the Panama International Book Fair from August 17 to 21, where the writer will also be signing books and sharing with readers.

After the fair, they will be on sale in all bookstores in Panama.

To all those who have in mind to publish a book, Eduardo Verdurmen gives this message: “Don’t stop trying to play the role of a publisher. Many worry about whether the narrative is correct, whether the spelling is correct, whether it has form, etc., because it will take 10 years to get their first issue out. As writers your task is to create and to do it in any way possible. Once they have everything, there are figures such as style correctors, spell checkers, layout designers, professionals who are in charge of that work. Don’t stop writing, even 10 minutes a day, and before you know it, you’ve finished a good book.”

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