The international airport of Carmelo was inaugurated with the presence of Lacalle Pou

The international airport of Carmelo was inaugurated with the presence of Lacalle Pou

The modernization included a new air terminal and aeronautical infrastructure. This work is possible due to the trajectory that makes Uruguay a safe place, which provides peace of mind to businessmen, said the president.

In his speech, the president stated that the Government maintains an eclectic vision, with a strong presence where it is needed and a strong boost to the private sector. As a government, it is necessary to carry out the best possible negotiation around the national interest, he stressed.

And he added: “Today we culminate with a first stage of the reality of beautifying something, of striving for excellence, of being better, I believe that Uruguay is called to be better, with our geopolitical location. One way of understanding the Republic, democracy and institutions is that this transcends a government. The continuity that today makes Uruguay an attractive land”.

Thus, he recalled that by the end of 2022 the world economy will grow by around 2.9% and Uruguay will grow by more than 5%, along with a recovery in real wages. This is possible due to the trajectory that makes Uruguay a safe place; Carmelo, Colonia and Uruguay can offer peace of mind and security, which is the last boost that the businessman needs, he added.

Lacalle Pou reaffirmed that public money can be managed in a responsible, austere, and efficient manner. In this context, she said that the Government offers a strong impulse and social vocation for the most vulnerable; that coexists with the private sector and stimulates investment and genuine work, and also highlighted the importance of thinking about the development of Uruguay and investing resources to carry out a public work that he considered record-breaking, like this airport.

In terms of public works, Lacalle Pou stressed that in 2022 the 900,000,000 dollars will be exceeded, a record in this area. “It is a day that has to call us to a positive reflection. From the local, to be a mirror and attractive for Argentina and the whole world, ”she said.

For the Minister of National Defense, meanwhile, having carried out the work on the airport in about nine months is a very important sign for Carmelo, Colonia, and for all of Uruguay.

There are businessmen who trust Uruguay because it has an intangible value that determines that investments are made here and not elsewhere, said García, who considered that this is evidence of a reliable, serious country that is managed by a prominent government in the world. for its democratic quality and reliability in terms of governance.

The new airport has a 770-meter air terminal, equipped with the necessary technology to receive national and international flights.

In addition, the project involved the renovation of the airport infrastructure, with paving and extension of the main runway of 1,190 meters, the construction of taxiways, a platform of 6,000 square meters, detachments for the National Air Police and the National Directorate of Firefighters. .

Likewise, a runway lighting system with LED technology was installed for integral beaconing, as well as a scanner luggage and communication equipment, and a new automatic weather station.

A second phase of works, scheduled for 2023, will include the construction of a parking lot, an access road to the air terminal, as well as the development of hangar infrastructure for general aviation.

On the occasion, the authorities present proceeded to the inaugural ribbon cutting, unveiled a plaque alluding to the event and toured the terminal.

Lacalle Pou was accompanied by the Minister of National Defense, Javier García; the general director and the undersecretary of the portfolio, Fabián Martínez and Rivera Elgue; the Mayor of Colonia, Carlos Moreira; the president of Corporación América Airports, Eduardo Eurnekian, and the executive directors of American Airports and Aeropuertos Uruguay, Martín Eurnekian and Diego Arrosa.

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