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The impact of cybercrime: the importance of early warnings and how they work

The impact of cybercrime: the importance of early warnings and how they work

Today, cybercrime moves millions of dollars globally through an unlimited set of criminal techniques. In this regard, it is estimated that, for the coming years, the impact on companies will be even greater.

Studies indicate that 70% of company software has some type of problem, which in the IT field is normally known as a software vulnerability.

As a support tool for the problem of external vulnerability monitoring, VulnerAlert was born to help IT teams in issuing information on software vulnerabilities that are shared on social networks and/or specialized sites.

One of the creators of the platform, Mr. Fabián Riveros, explained that the idea arose after a master’s thesis and practically a year of research on cybersecurity databases and vulnerability alert sources. With the arrival of the pandemic, it allowed a solution to be deepened based on the research carried out.

“The user registers to our platform, defines his technological reality and What our algorithm does is search social networks and sites for information that may be coinciding with their technological reality. Then we issue early alerts for software vulnerability, so that the IT team can act accordingly in the shortest possible time.because vulnerable software leaves a gap open for cybercrime to commit their crimes in the computer perimeter”, indicated the graduate and specialist in computer security and web development.

He added that the initiative arises to try to reduce the time between vulnerability and the solution of the problem, through early warnings.

The project participated in the Innovating PY contest, organized by the Ministry of Information and Communication Technologies (Mitic)managing to be selected for the final, with an award of US$ 15,000 together with several other startups.

“It was a very important and enriching experience for us.s. The doors were opened for us and we were able to see reality and we were able to train in various areas such as finance and legall”, specified the lawyer.

On the other hand, he indicated that the project also has the use of automated learning. consulted Regarding artificial intelligence, to which he defined as a help, rather than a potential danger, he replied: “Codes can be generated without much effort, even though they do not have all the security techniques. It is more of an ally and can even resolve various queries”, emphasized.

He also said that the awareness of companies about cybersecurity is still minimal, but there is hope that it will continue to grow. “The reality is that action continues when it is too late. They act accordingly and there are not many prevention policies, ”she stressed.

The entrance The impact of cybercrime: the importance of early warnings and how they work was first published on newspaper TODAY.

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