The horse's tear before dying of exhaustion on a street in Sancti Spíritus

The horse’s tear before dying of exhaustion on a street in Sancti Spíritus

“The coachman was whipping him to keep him going even though the car was loaded with passengers,” says Yosvani, a young man from Sancti Spíritus who on Thursday afternoon saw the death of a horse that was driving a carriage in the Jesús María area. “He was very strong because he couldn’t take it anymore and he fell round, I even saw a tear come out of his eye when he was already on the ground.”

The lack of fuel, which has affected the island for months, is forcing Cubans to resort more to other means of transportation. “Here we have always moved in horse-drawn carriages, but now it is no longer a choice, but the only possibility,” admits an old man, who witnessed the collapse of the animal and his death. “What these animals are experiencing has no name.”

The death of the horse forced all the passengers to leave the traditional vehicle, which had the name “Abyss of Passion” painted on one side. They all walked away looking for other transportation to reach their destination. Only the coachman, his assistant and the immobile body of the animal on the pavement were left in the place.


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