The history of proverbs: "Politeness, does not remove the brave"

The history of proverbs: "Forewarned man is worth two"

Forewarned man is worth two

As in “Don Quixote” it reads: “Man warned, half fought”, and in “La lozana andaluza” and “La Celestina”, “Man warned, half fought”, the high command of the Spanish proverb maintain that this proverb was born with them, which in turn took it from popular knowledge (Spanish, of course), and not… Because in two passages of the Bible the matter is already mentioned!…

One says: “Behold, seven years of good abundance are coming to the land of Egypt, and seven years of famine will follow after them. And all the abundance will be forgotten in the land of Egypt, and famine will consume the land ”… And then he says:“ Put Pharaoh governors over the country, and gather all the provision of these good years to come, and gather the wheat under the hand of Pharaoh for the maintenance of the cities; and save it. And let that provision be in store for the country, for the seven years of famine that will be in the land of Egypt; and the country will not perish from famine.”

Very good, man, a round of applause for the Bible, when it’s right, it’s right!…

It never hurts to recommend prudence in the face of life situations, especially if they are risky, this saying reminds us that the forewarned person is twice as valuable as the carefree one; who is informed and well organized, has an advantage over others… And yes! As much as there is never a cloud missing that reminds you of some anecdote of Fulano or Mengana: “He took all precautions and look what ended up happening to him”…

In short, it would be better to sin by being too far-sighted than by being too short-sighted. Let’s copy from the ants… Although the excess of prudence, like all excess… Because it is not a matter of using the seat belt when you are not in the car…

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