The heroes of La Scaloneta and their books: Dibu's for children and Messi to put together

The heroes of La Scaloneta and their books: Dibu’s for children and Messi to put together

The cover of this book shows Martínez as a winged hero, flying to tackle the rival’s balls, and presents him as -what he undoubtedly is- “one of the most charismatic soccer characters in our country.”

After sales of the illustrated children’s book by Emiliano Dibu Martínez, goalkeeper of the Soccer Team that was crowned world champion in Qatar, skyrocketed, other sports titles joined the best-seller ranking, such as “Messi to assemble” and “Messi. The complete genius”.

On the home page of the Tematika website appear, among the best sellers, along with fiction and comics of all kinds, three books dedicated to the heroes of Argentine soccer who, not without first suffering, achieved the greatest feat of world soccer.

Because the sport occupied a prominent place throughout this 2022 World Cup in terms of books and rankings, but with the overwhelming emotion that the team led by Lionel Scaloni aroused last night, it is likely that new books will be written to unravel each of them : Meanwhile, publishers flaunt existing titles.

The Aston Villa goalkeeper himself shared a few days ago on his social networks @emi_martinez26 an image holding his own book in his hands, “Dibu Martínez. Passion for football”, published by the Montena label last October, a 112-page book, designed for children over 7 years of agewith illustrations by Leo Bolzicco.

The cover of this book shows Martínez as a winged hero.or, flying to tackle the rival’s balls, and presents him as -what he undoubtedly is- “one of the most charismatic football characters in our country”.

The book narrates how Dibu discovered his passion for soccer and with a bit of fiction and a lot of reality follows his days from playing ball on the beach to his most important pass as a professional goalkeeper.

Since he was a boy, on the beach with his brother and the Mostris, football was an everyday thing. “How do you become one of the best goalkeepers in the world? How do you chase your dreams? Always forward, always putting a punch and making an effort. And may passion lead you to glory!”, reads from the back cover of this copy.

“Messi to assemble”, meanwhile, proposes an approach to the player from Rosario who currently became the top star of the sport, a book published by Catapult, which comes with a 300-piece puzzle and an addition packed with information from the most beloved player.

Designed for people over 10 years old, the volume invites you to put together the puzzle of the Flea in order to discover its history.: Do you know who Messi’s idol was when he was a boy? And how many goals did he score in his first game in a World Cup? The book that tries to test the knowledge of the reader or reader and learn more about one of the most important players of all time is presented.

Also among the best sellers is “Messi, the complete genius” (2021) by Ariel Senosiainwhere the author wondered why a genius like Messi did not achieve for years what many others, not so great, had achieved?

Among the best sellers is Messi the complete genius 2021 by Ariel Senosiain
Among the best sellers, is “Messi, the complete genius” (2021) by Ariel Senosiain.

New pages of books must already be being written that seek to fully tell the story that that publication had left without the ending that we know. Because the story is different since Sunday and all of Argentina celebrates the victory achieved. And while the country awaits the return of the players, who are already traveling back on an airline flight, many repeat on social networks that phrase of the Redondos which reads: “Certain kings do not travel on camels. They walk to the pace of love.”

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