The heat is here: look at the Inumet forecast for this week

The heat is here: look at the Inumet forecast for this week

It is expected that this tuesday 8 november be a sunny and pleasant day, with strong wind in the afternoon and highs of up to 26 ºC in the metropolitan area, according to weather forecasts.

The Uruguayan Institute of Meteorology (Inumet) expects a day of sky “Clear and somewhat cloudy” with periods of increased cloudiness. Inumet warns for gusts of wind between 40 and 60 km/h in the evening and night. On its website, the institute points to a minimum temperature of 8 ºC and a maximum of 26 ºC.

On the other hand, AccuWeather forecast a day “sunny and nice” and breezy in the afternoon. On the other hand, wait a “clear” sky at night. The weather service indicates on its website a temperature range that goes from 12 to 27 ºC.

How will the week go?


Inumet’s forecast is somewhat similar to this Tuesday: clear and somewhat cloudy, with wind mainly in coastal areas. Wind gusts, again, can reach 60 km/h. As to temperatures will range between 7 and 29 °C.

AccuWeather, for its part, again forecasts a “mainly sunny and pleasant” day with a breeze in the afternoon, with wind gusts of 40 km / h. The temperatures will range from 12 to 28 °C.


In the morning it will be “somewhat cloudy to cloudy”, when later in the afternoon it will become rather cloudy (with periods of cover in the northwest). The winds, mainly to the south of the Negro River, may reach gusts of 40 and 50 km/h. The maximum and minimum expected by Inumet are 11 and 30 °C.

Along the same lines, AccuWeather forecasts a morning “pleasant, with intervals of clouds and sun” Y “mainly cloudy” at night. There will be gusts of wind of 35 km/h and the temperature will be around 16-30°C.


By the end of the week, Inumet estimates that will remain cloudy throughout the day —although without probability of precipitation— and with temperatures of 15 and 28°C.

AccuWeather forecasts a Friday “pleasant, sunny and hot” and with winds that still persist, now between 30 and 40 km/h. At night it will be “mainly cloudy”. The temperature will range between 18 and 33°C.

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