TSJ admits claims of nullity against the Onapre instructions

The head of the Onapre is dismissed in the middle of the “candelita” against the instructive

Nicolás Maduro dismissed Marco Polo Cosenza as head of the National Budget Office (Onapre), amid protests by public workers against the instruction

Jennifer Quintero de Barrios will be the new person in charge of directing the National Budget Office (Onapre), after Nicolás Maduro removed Marco Polo Cosenza as chief in charge.

Cosenza was appointed as chief in charge in the gazette number 42,021 dated Thursday, December 3, 2020. His change occurs right in the middle of the protests, by public workers, against the Onapre instruction that have occurred in Caracas and several cities in the interior of the country since last March.

In May, workers in the educational sectors (with professionals and workers from the country’s universities at the forefront), health, government entities, ministries and autonomous institutes, gathered in front of the headquarters of the Vice Presidency, in downtown Caracas, to demand the repeal of the instructions, pointing out that the same It ruins the salary increase decreed by the Executive, as well as the agreements signed in August 2021.

Onapre and the wave of protests

The salary increase of March this year gave rise to the modification of the regulations to calculate salaries, premiums for seniority and professionalization, among other benefits received in the public administration.

The instructions known as “Onapre” are considered by the workers as a tool that further undermines the salaries and the achievements they have obtained in recent decades.

The instructions called “Adjustment Process of the Public Administration Remuneration System, Collective Agreements, Special Tables and Strategic Companies” come from the National Budget Office (Onapre) attached to the Ministry of Economy, Finance and Foreign Trade. From March 22, 2022, the institutions learned about the new regulations, which go beyond the collective agreements that were in force since August 1, 2021.

The Onapre is a regulation that applies to the entire public administration, including “strategic companies” as the name indicates. Although the tables of each sector have specificities, the criteria to apply them are similar, because the concepts for bonuses, seniority and others are similar; in this sense, the deterioration of the premiums affects the workers of the different sectors of the public administration.

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