The head of the Gimnasia-Boca police operation is dismissed

The head of the Gimnasia-Boca police operation is dismissed

The Government of the province of Buenos Aires dismissed this Friday the head of the police operation that acted in the meeting between Gimnasia de La Plata and Boca Juniors, in which incidents occurred that left one dead and caused its suspension.

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In an official statement, the provincial government also reported that it was ordered that all the elements be made available to the prosecutor who is intervening, while spokesmen for the same told EFE that the “policemen identified in the videos of the repression were removed, awaiting the analysis of the situation.

The meeting between Gimnasia de La Plata and Boca Juniors, at the start of the twenty-fourth day of the Argentine Professional Soccer League, in the city of La Plata, capital of the province of Buenos Aires, was suspended on Thursday night in the 9th minute due to serious disturbances started outside the stadium by fans who were unable to enter, prompting the intervention of the police of the province of Buenos Aires with rubber bullets and tear gas.

A 57-year-old man died as a result of sudden death and non-traumatic cardiorespiratory arrest and was admitted to the hospital lifeless, according to the provincial government. Many people suffered respiratory problems and others were hit by rubber bullets and sustained injuries, for which they had to be hospitalized.


“It is inadmissible that thousands of people from La Plata have had to live what they lived and, even more so, that the unfortunate fact that César Regueiro lost his life in the framework of the meeting occurred,” says the official statement this Friday. According to the same, seven of the eight people who suffered injuries and were assisted by the provincial health system have already been discharged.

“It is evident that the operation carried out was not able to provide security to those who attended,” acknowledges the provincial government, which indicates that the Justice is investigating a possible “overselling of tickets.”

They claim political responsibilities

Both officials and opposition leaders have pointed out since last night the responsibility of the provincial Security Minister, Sergio Berni, for the police operation.

However, Berni declared this Friday to the TN channel that he “is not” responsible for what happened, but the head and supervisor of the security operation, after acknowledging that the “police resolved the situation in the worst way”, and denounced that “the organization oversold, gave away” tickets “that far exceeded the capacity of the stadium”.

Provincial deputies of the opposition requested this Friday the “interpellation” of Berni in the provincial legislature for the “serious repression” in La Plata, considering that he must “take charge of the terrible and disastrous actions of the force that he himself heads.”

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