The hard story of the Venezuelan child beaten in a Peruvian school (+ Videos)

The hard story of the Venezuelan child beaten in a Peruvian school (+ Videos)

The 11-year-old Venezuelan boy Jhoangel Jesús Zambrano Alvarado was a victim of xenophobia and bullying in Peru and almost lost his life after a severe beating by one of his classmates at the Víctor Raúl Haya de la Torre school in the Puente Piedra District.

The event occurred on April 21, but it went viral through social networks due to a video posted on the Instagram account of @venezolanosenperu_ in which the serious condition in which Jhoangel is found is evident.

The minor was diagnosed by specialists with a cervical sprain and stroke that caused severe headaches, vomiting, fainting and seizures.

Jhoangel’s mother also had to suffer from the indifference of the doctors who initially treated her son, who, despite the young man’s delicate state of health, only administered pain medication and sent him home.

“My son came to my house telling me that he was in a lot of pain, like every mother, I am not going to think that something has been done to my son at school, they are supposed to take care of them there, they are going to study,” narrates Saraí Alvarado, mother Jhoangel, in dialogue with ATV Noticias from Peru.

The mother indicates that she took the child to the Carlos Lanfranco La Hoz Hospital, where they only prescribed paracetamol and returned him to his home.

That night, Saraí says, the teenager had oral and nasal bleeding, so they went to the health center again as an emergency. This time, the medical staff only applied a blister for the pain. She decided to take the minor to a private doctor.

“The pediatrician sent him to do the X-rays and there they see the cervical injury (…). They refer me to a neurologist because the child was already developing neurological pathologies, tremors, seizures, vomiting, ”he continues. Then he goes to a private traumatologist, who tells him that the injuries had caused the damage.

The mother denounced the incident in the Peruvian media to draw the attention of the health and educational authorities of this country.

Currently the young man is in the boarding school at the Children’s Hospital in Peru, where they also told the mother to take her son, because he was fine.

Local sources indicate that, due to an internal effusion, the minor had to undergo emergency surgery for intraventricular hemorrhage with cervical sprain.

In the Peruvian media it transpires that the tragedy originates because Jhoangel, who was a delegate of the room, jokingly tells his classmate that he is going to be late for classes and he gets upset and grabs him by the neck with a chokehold. stretching his neck and hitting him on the head.

The publication of Venezuelans in Peru details that the mother of the victim was a police officer in Venezuela, who upon seeing the severe beating indicates that it is impossible that a single person did it.

This same publication reports that it is unofficially known that relatives of the minor have already filed the relevant complaint with the Peruvian authorities and that the entities would be handling the case under the radar.

Embassy of Venezuela in Peru demands justice

The Venezuelan embassy in Peru, on the instructions of the President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro, is providing all consular support to Jhoangel’s family until they fully recover and clarify the case, as they expressed this Friday, through their account. Twitter @EmbajadaVzlaPer.

“We are initiating negotiations with the institutions of the Peruvian State in order to demand immediate action at the school, police, and judicial levels in order to apply the full weight of the law to those responsible,” they indicate in a second tweet about this. case.

Likewise, “The Embassy of Venezuela in Peru strongly condemns the brutal aggression to which the Venezuelan boy Jhoangel Jesús Zambrano Alvarado, 11 years old, was subjected at the Víctor Raúl Haya de la Torre educational center, in the Puente Piedra District.”

The Vice Minister for Latin America and the Caribbean, Rander Peña, also rejects this act of xenophobia against Venezuelans and expresses: “(…) We tell every Venezuelan abroad that here is their Homeland, where we await them with love and respect. Everyone come back!”

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