The growth of women in the entrepreneurial ecosystem

The growth of women in the entrepreneurial ecosystem

Entrepreneurs are fundamental in the country’s economy because they are one of the main contributors to economic growth in Argentina. To undertake is to identify a problem in a niche within that market that perhaps was not being explored or to find our own differential to create a business that offers a solution that meets the needs of our clients.

And a woman who undertakes is one who takes action and upon seeing a business opportunity, starts a project and works daily to maintain it over time and guarantee its profitability. And most start their own project to have financial independence or time flexibility to spend more time with the family or traveling, but the reality is that launching their own project is not an easy task.

The creation of a venture is usually full of obstacles, difficulties and limiting beliefs, such as fear, and that is where it is key to seek motivation. That impulse to be encouraged to act or do what we want so much and even, to assume the risks involved in undertaking and being able to adapt to the circumstances that arise.

But being mothers and entrepreneurs is a great challenge, especially in a context where gender inequality does not play in our favor.

The Global Report on the State of Small Businesses indicates that businesses led by women in the country are 10% less likely to be operational or participate in income-generating activities than those run by men.

However, informality and the lack of a strategic action plan can prevent the venture from developing and scaling. On the contrary, 7 out of 10 ventures fail before they are 5 years old and 1 out of 4 do not even reach their first year.

This is where one of the most important elements in the entrepreneurial ecosystem comes into play: communities. Communities in social networks are made up of people who identify with an account based on their values ​​and preferences and in which they find information that is useful to them or adds value, from knowledge, entertainment, etc.

In these groups, female entrepreneurs can find a space in which they meet people with similar interests, goals, and values, which allows them to surround themselves with people who face the same challenges. In this way, they can help each other but above all, feel accompanied and understood.

But what skills does a woman entrepreneur have to have?

Every woman is different and as entrepreneurs we have different motivations. However, we all have to acquire a series of skills that will define the success or failure of our business.

It must be taken into account that some characteristics to carry out a venture are:

Proactivity: we know that we are the only ones responsible for changing our lives, so we decided to take action and create our own business so as not to depend on anyone else and seek a better future.

Training: we understand that to undertake we have to have knowledge about management, marketing, sales, human resources, etc.

Curiosity: no one is born knowing how to start a business, so if you did not have the opportunity to train, you should know that you must learn new concepts such as creating a business model or a marketing plan.

Passion: we seek to undertake what we are passionate about with the illusion of working on something that we really enjoy while helping others. This is very motivating.

Persistence: all of us entrepreneurs have the intention of making our businesses grow, but we can only obtain the results that we hope for so much with an unwavering will and continuous determination to make things happen. Only by following a strategic plan from start to finish can we meet our goals.

Leadership: every female entrepreneur must be a good leader with communication skills, the ability to make decisions and set an example for her team, as well as having knowledge of the market.

Empathy: Empathy is becoming a critical trait for tomorrow’s leaders as it drives productivity and innovation.

Flexibility: knowing how to manage frustrations and accept mistakes is the only way to cope with the life of an entrepreneur.

Ability to adapt to change: knowing how to adapt to circumstances and new technologies and being able to see opportunities even in times of crisis is a characteristic that every woman entrepreneur must develop.

Resilience: the ability to adapt to adverse situations or obstacles is essential to obtain positive results.

The enterprising woman is empowered because she knows that she has the superpower to constantly reinvent herself and transform her life and that of everyone around her. Undertaking from the purpose, knowing why we do what we do allows us to advance firmly towards our vision.

Getting to know each other, joining us in our projects, sharing with others what each one knows, making alliances and surely many friends. We all have the firm conviction that together we have more possibilities to grow.

Sheila Saad, founder and director of El Club de Emprendedoras, one of the largest communities in Latin America and speaker on issues of entrepreneurship, innovation and female empowerment.

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