"The governor gave me a letter so that I can read it to all the people," Camacho's son invites the Cabildo

“The governor gave me a letter so that I can read it to all the people,” Camacho’s son invites the Cabildo

January 24, 2023, 23:35 PM

January 24, 2023, 23:35 PM

Expectation grows for the national council for freedom and democracy, of this January 25, with the letter that Governor Luis Fernando Camacho wrote and that will be read by his son, Luis Fernando Camacho Parada, to the people who gather at Christ the Redeemer in the capital of Santa Cruz.

“The government delivered a letter directly to me, so that I can read it and can make the people of Santa Cruz known, and of all Bolivia, their feelings about democracy”, said the son of the departmental authority at the time of launching the invitation to the council.

Luis Fernando indicated that Your parent is in stable health. in the Chonchocoro prison in La Paz, and with a “firm conviction in the fight for freedom.” In addition, he highlighted the support he receives from many people who ask for democracy in Bolivia.

“The governor is stronger than ever because knows that united Bolivia will never be defeated. He is, right now, calm; he has a lot of faith and hope because he knows that the Bolivian people are firm. The Bolivian people long for and ask for freedom, not only for political prisoners, but for all Bolivians,” he said.

In addition, he invited the population to participate in the national council in which the message of the governor of Santa Cruz will be read. “We make the invitation so that we are all united, in all corners of the country, to make our feelings about democracy and our freedom heard,” he added.

For his part, Erik Morón, senator from Creemos, joined the invitation for the population to participate in the National Cabildo. He maintained that Camacho He is one of the 180 political prisoners that the Government of Luis Arce has.

“The family of Creemos and all the citizens are going to listen to the words of our leader, which will be read through his eldest son. I believe that all the people of Santa Cruz will be present to listen to the message and support the measures of the Civic Committee. VWe want to be present as citizens, as elected authorities, as the family of Luis Fernando de Creemos, to see what decisions emanate from the Cabildo,” he said.

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