The government's gross debt reached 59.1% of GDP in August

The government’s gross debt reached 59.1% of GDP in August

At the end of the eighth month of the year, the gross debt of the central National Government exceeded $804.9 billion, according to figures from the Directorate of Public Credit of the Ministry of Finance.

Thus, for the month of August, the nation’s gross debt was, as percentage of gross domestic product (GDP) at 59.1%.

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According to the figures released by the Treasury, of this balance, $481.5 billion correspond to internal debt, 35.4% of GDP, and on the external debt side, $323.3 billion, 23.8% of GDP, are counted.

Thus, of the total central government debt59.83% corresponds to internal debt and 40.17% to external debt.

Expressed in dollars, the Nation’s debt stood at US$182,941 million in August, with US$109,448 million in internal debt and US$73,494 million as foreign debt.

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Regarding the denomination of the debt, 60.7% is in local currency and 39.3% in foreign currency. In Colombian pesos, 42.3% of the obligations are held, which amount to $332.98 billion, while there are $148.6 billion in Real Value Units (UVR) in pesos, which contribute 18.5% of the total balance. .

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In foreign currency there are US$ 65,908 million, 36.0% of the total debt, and $5,951 million euros, 3.3% of the government’s brutal debt.

As for the sources of debt, most of it (54.7%) is related to long-term TES, with $440 billion, and $155 billion in external bonds also stand out, 19.4% of the total debt.

With the multilateral banks, there is a debt of $46 billion with the IDB, another of $59 billion with the IBRD and $13 billion with the CAF.

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