Domenech also questions public education: "Marxism-Leninism spread with the conquest of education"

The government would be “in trouble” without the votes of the Open Council in Parliament, says Domenech

Photo: Facebook Open Council
Photo: Facebook Open Council

The senator and president of the Cabildo Abierto party, Guillermo Domenech, said that his political force is rather in favor of “other measures, because we made it known through a communication document that was approved, I even think, unanimously in the Commission of Treasury of the Senate; (…) I expect other measures from the Executive Power that are in line with what the people need at this time and particularly those sectors that are economically more fragile.”

Domenech says he has understood that CA has “some differences” with the paths that the economic team of the Executive Power has decided to walk. “We aspire to contemplate some very specific situations that in our opinion would not be contemplated with a generalized reduction, but in urgent circumstances sometimes the simplest measures must be taken and not some others that are difficult to implement.”

“Furthermore, we asked for talks with the large distribution and marketing chains, something that has already been done in the country under other governments and that is a call for responsibility from powerful sectors of the economy that hold the key to the supply of consumer goods. first need and that I think they should be in tune in this exceptional situation that the country is experiencing; Precisely during the government of the Broad Front, these measures were tried, this possibility of speaking with the economic groups that have in some way the key to the distribution and commercialization of merchandise so that they would catch up, ”continued the ultra-conservative legislator interviewed in M24.

They will be observant

Domenech claims to be aware that the economic and social measures, presented by the government of Luis Lacalle Pou last Monday, have “a higher interest, which is to preserve reasonable standards of living for our population.”

And he stated that, if it is necessary to choose to cover the needs of the most vulnerable and monitor the fiscal deficit, “it is an elementary question: life comes first and to preserve life it is necessary to feed oneself, and to feed oneself people have to have the possibility of accessing food at reasonable prices, or in reasonable conditions”.

He announced that they will be vigilant of the impacts of these measures announced by the president and that, “if they do not give the expected result, we will insist on taking additional measuresbut we have to handle ourselves with caution, with responsibility because the situation is not clear, not even at a global level, and that affects a fragile economy like ours”.

Cabildo Abierto is in the multicolor coalition, says Domenech, because they feel obliged to “patriotically support the State apparatus”, and warned: if CA denied the 3 votes in the Senate and the 11 votes in Deputies to this government, this government would be in huge trouble; and we have, first, a commitment that we intend to fulfill to the letter, and a responsibility with the country; We do not want to provoke a political crisis in Uruguay because we came to build, not to generate chaos”.

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