The government plans of the opposition candidates

On Tuesday morning, two opposition candidates for President of the Republic called press conferences to announce the officialization of their candidacies or the disclosure of their lines of work.

Gen. Carlos Jara, presidential candidate for the Patria Soñada (PPS) party, announced the officialization of his candidacy at the Itasa building in the capital. During the presentation, he provided details on what will be the lines of work for him if he is elected president.

It should be remembered that Jara will not be part of the Coalition, but the PPS will form alliances with other movements that do not belong to said opposition bloc either.

“We have analyzed the structure of the Coalition and we consider that it is not the adequate political space to launch our ideas. It is very good but not for us. There are very influential actors who have been doing politics for years and I don’t think anything else will change like this, ”he commented.

Jara first cited the reforms that he will carry out if elected, among them, the updating of 127 of the 291 articles of the National Constitution stands out. Because the Magna Carta must be balanced for democracy to exist. “The Government needs to be reformed, some 90 organizations, dependencies or directions, depend directly on the Executive Power. It is impossible to maintain order with such a totally unbalanced organization,” he explained.

Regarding the Legislative Power, he affirmed that he will propose the reduction from 45 to 36 senators and from 80 to 60 deputies.

“The senators and deputies, after five years of office, retire with G. 16 million monthly (50% of their salary). It’s a shame and we’re going to refund. It represents an abuse of power,” he commented.

Martín Burt, candidate for the presidency of the Republic for the Authentic Radical Liberal Party (PLRA), also presented on Tuesday his programmatic contributions for the Coalition, which has 10 proposals, 100 projects and the actions to be taken to achieve the objectives set. .

“They are projects and proposals focused on results to change our country. I am not a politician, I am not here just to hold office, I believe that Paraguay needs important changes and I know exactly what I am going to do from the first day of government to change the direction of this country”, he pointed out.
The event took place at the Guaraní hotel, also in the capital.

His government plan is based on 10 programmatic axes; More work, decent and better conditions, income in the countryside and the city, energy development, public works and technology promotion, police reform, fight against drug trafficking, smuggling and EPP, massive land titling, participatory housing construction and urban planning, universal and quality public health, protection of the environment, elimination of poverty, education without desertion, professional training and common national standards, attraction of investment and legal certainty and finally a modern, efficient and transparent government.

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