The Government agreed on a scheme to regularize the payment of a debt with Santa Fe

The Government agreed on a scheme to regularize the payment of a debt with Santa Fe

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The National government and the province of Santa Fe agreed this Wednesday a disbursement scheme for the payment of a debt of around $132 billion that the central administration maintains with the jurisdiction, reported this afternoon the Minister of Economy, Martin Guzman, and the governor Omar Perottiat a press conference given at the Casa Rosada.

In return, the province will regularize its situation with the Federal Administration of Public Revenues (AFIP) and will join the national collection scheme in which the other districts participate.

The announcement was made by Guzmán and Perotti after a meeting they both had with President Alberto Fernández.

The governor explained that the signed agreement updated the amount of the debt to $151.8 billion and specified that “it will be canceled through bonds that can be updated by CER.”

According to what Perotti explained, the understanding reached will be expressed in a joint presentation by the Ministry of Economy and the Santa Fe prosecutor’s office before the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation, which is handling the case.

“For us it is the final instance of a process that had the province for a long time in a claim before the Nation, which began with an administrative claim by former Governor (Jorge) Obeid and continued with the presentation before the CSJ that he made (Hermes ) Binner”, Perotti emphasized.

“It has been a commitment made by the president in his campaign with our province, which he had unsuccessfully claimed in previous periods,” added the governor.

We reached an agreement that protects the value of the debt and in turn we also regularize a scheme, like the rest of the provinces, of contributing to the national collection system through the AFIP, with the mechanisms that it carries out for improvement. of the collection system, particularly federal taxes. concluded.

Along the same lines, Guzmán maintained that “with the agreement, a $132 billion debt payment disbursement service scheme is agreed with the province and a situation with the AFIP is regularized, adding Santa Fe to the rest of the provinces. regarding the strengthening of collection services”.

“It is a good result for a situation that should be regularized and it was also a commitment of the President of the Nation to continue taking steps in the productive recovery”, concluded the head of Economy.

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