The GNB rescued 26 people on the high seas

The GNB rescued 26 people on the high seas

During Holy Week, members of the Bolivarian National Guard rescued 26 people who were stranded on the high seas due to mechanical failures in their boats, according to military sources. The rescued were in good health.

The rescue took place during four procedures, one of which occurred in the Bay of Pozuelos, Sotillo municipality (Puerto La Cruz), Anzoátegui state.

In that place, the soldiers attached to the Coastal Surveillance Command rescued the sports yacht Cori.

Jhonny Hernández Alemán, Marisabel Figueira, José Gil, Carmelo Capadonia, Emilio Hernández, Andrés Díaz, Manuel Gamboa, Ricardo Díaz, Antonio Koufatti and Francisco Rodríguez were on the yacht.

In Carenero, Brión municipality (Higuerote), Miranda state, the military rescued Carlos Dos Santos, María Silva, Patricia Silva, Paulo Reis and a minor.

These people were adrift in a boat named Carite, with no visible license plate.

Also in Carenero, another boat was rescued with eight people on board, identified as Luis Palacios, Raúl Rodríguez, Ángel Mata, Rogelio Anderson, Haide Rodríguez, José Hernández, Luis Urbaez and Francis Echarry.

The eight occupants were traveling in the Picola boat, license plate AGSI-RE-0436.

And on the island of Coche (Nueva Esparta), members of the Coastal Surveillance Command proceeded to the rescue of Andrés Velásquez, José Romero and Edgar Millán, who were traveling in the Leonelis boat, without registration. The military commission carried out a towing maneuver to the headquarters of the Chacachacare pier, on the coast of Sucre.

The Public Ministry was informed of the procedures.

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