XVII Congreso de la Federación Democrática Internacional de Mujeres

The ghost congress of the FDIM

Havana Cuba. — In recent days it has been News the celebration of the XVII Congress of the International Democratic Federation of Women (FDIM) in the city of Caracas. The meeting brought together only “139 delegates from Venezuela and the world” (“of this total, 45… from various sectors of the Bolivarian Republic… and 94 from social organizations from 27 nations”).

The foregoing means that the dictatorial regime installed in the Homeland of the Liberator played a fundamental role in the realization of this conclave. And to such a large extent that most of the information provided on the results of the Congress focuses on the final meeting that its organizers, headed by former Salvadoran guerrilla Lorena Peña, held with Vice President Delcy Rodríguez and the Minister of Women, Diva Guzmán, but also with the dictator Nicolás Maduro.

Because this characteristic of communist regimes must be noted: in Cuba, for example, in the times of relative splendor of Castroism, it was the “Maximum Leader” who used to close the congresses of the Federation of Cuban Women (FMC)and sometimes it was the octogenarian José Ramón Machado Ventura who presided over or summarized those of the Union of Young Communists (UJC).

But let’s go back to the brand new FDIM Congress held in the Cradle of the Liberator. The first thing that caught my attention as a journalist was the lack of news about the development of the sessions. Google searches, while the event was taking place, only led to information about the imminence of its realization or, at most, about the beginning of the sessions.

This reality constitutes a good indication of the inevitable transition towards insignificance of these groups made up of “pericones” and “fellow travelers”. I am referring to entities such as the FDIM itself, the World Federation of Trade Unions (WFTU), the World Federation of Democratic Youth (WFDY) or the World Peace Council (WPC).

It is about a series of international organizations born in the golden age of Stalinism, when the long-suffering Soviet people, with their needs and shortages, financed those meetings of the same individuals, whose names were repeated from one event to another (despite the differences between these) and where the only contrasts lay in the positions that each “pericón” held in this or that entity (the one who presided over one delegation was a simple member in the other). This is what the Maoists (it is already known that “the worst wedge is the one of the same suit”!) used to call “travelling bureaucracy”.

In the case of FDIM or FMJD, the limitations of sex and age are supposed to exist. It would be the last straw if they weren’t taken into account at all! But with these communists, nothing should be taken for granted: I still remember the string of laughter with which our irreverent compatriots, with absolute self-confidence, received the parade of the Czechoslovak Delegation to the XI World Festival of Youth and Students held in Havana in 1997: a bunch of bald, pot-bellied fifty-somethings dressed in collars and ties!

Well then: in the case of the recently concluded XVII Congress of the FDIM, I believe that nothing could be more just than the absolute insignificance of its debates and agreements. So little importance is attributed to them by the same people who organized and financed that conclave, that my search for the topic “XVII Congress of the FDIM in Caracas, 2022” was useless in Latin Pressthe Cuban News Agency (ACN), Granma, Rebel Youth and even in the Castro magazine Women!

However, I always found something in other media. The newspaper Last News reported on April 28: “Yesterday, during the rapporteurship plenary of the working groups, several political documents were approved, including a special resolution in support of the demand for the reunification of Cyprus, a declaration of solidarity with the peoples of Latin America and the Caribbean and another in solidarity with African women who are victims of conflicts and the actions of terrorist groups”. “Similarly, anti-imperialist women from around the world gathered in Caracas ‘unite for peace and call for the dissolution of NATO'”.

For its part, in Telesur TV, and in a post entitled “Feminist Federation presents work agenda after Congress”, alludes to the aforementioned meeting with Maduro, Diva Guzmán and Delcy Rodríguez. During the meeting, “the re-elected president of the FDIM, Lorena Peña,… highlighted the challenges faced by women in the fight against patriarchy and imperialism.” “Acknowledging that the meeting of the organization’s delegates takes place in a very critical context at the global level, the coordinator of the association pointed out the resurgence of wars in the world, and the pressure from Ukraine and NATO.”

In other words, the new world women’s organization and those who run it, in these times when —by far!— the main international problem is the invasion ordered by the Russian dictator Vladimir Putin against Ukraine, all they do is criticize… “Ukrainian pressure”! (the country attacked!).

By the way, “they cry for the dissolution of NATO”! (In other words: the only coalition capable of putting an end to the imperial warmongering of those nostalgic for the former Soviet Union who work in the Moscow Kremlin!). And they entertain themselves with the theme of the “reunification of Cyprus” and the tribulations of women “victims of conflict”… but not in Ukraine, but in Africa!

It is not for nothing that the international press (and even the Cuban one!) has made “the case of the dog” to the costly congress recently concluded in Caracas, which was financed with the misery of the tormented sister people of Venezuela.

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