The gang that terrorized app drivers fell: they kidnapped and robbed them

The gang that terrorized app drivers fell: they kidnapped and robbed them

A prosecutor from the Bogotá Prosecutor’s Office presented the three alleged members of the criminal gang called “Los Sparkies” before a guarantee control judge. and charged them with the crimes of simple kidnapping, and qualified and aggravated theft.

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These three alleged criminals from the gang “the Sparkies”, they would be involved in the theft of vehicles attached to virtual platforms that offer private transportation in Bogotá.

According to the investigation process carried out by the Prosecutor’s Office and the Dijin of the Bogotá Metropolitan Police, These presumed captured criminals requested services through the platforms, boarded the cars that arrived, and threatened the drivers with firearms.

They also detail research that During this time of captivity, allegedly, they took their belongings, cell phones, and cash, and then they escaped with the vehicles.

In order to prosecute these alleged members of the “Los Sparkies” gang, it was necessary to identify during the investigation process eight victims in the south and southwest of Bogotá.

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The Attorney General’s Office prosecuted John Michael Martínez Mendoza, Rafael Andrés Vargas Bohórquez and Juan Sebastián Zuluaga Jordán, three possible members of the criminal network ‘Los Sparkis’.

The eight victims, who were abandoned in lots and lonely places located in the towns of Kennedy, Bosa and Ciudad Bolívar.

In the capture procedures, two traumatic weapons with their respective cartridges were seized.

A prosecutor from the Bogotá Section presented them before a guarantee control judge in the Paloquemao judicial complex and charged them with the crimes of simple kidnapping, qualified and aggravated robbery.

According to the trial process the imputed charges were not accepted by the defendantswho must comply with the measure of custodial incarceration in a prison.

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