Vizzotti affirmed that a “challenge is to accompany the provinces in relation to mental health"

The Front of All deepens the dialogue for unity and the brake on inflation

This Friday Fernández said that he is prepared to “put his chest up and fight”, in an act in which he was accompanied by Vizzotti / Archive photo

With calls to “take care of unity”, the Front of All deepens the dialogue with “institutional and reserved” meetings of its main referents while seeking to focus efforts on the fight against inflation, while union and social sectors that make up the coalition they prepare marches against price gougers.

In a local and global scenario that the spokeswoman for the Presidency defined as “complex”, characterized by the impact of the war plus the pressure of certain concentrated groups to direct economic policy, President Alberto Fernández sent this Friday a message with a special recipient: the speculators.

From the Argentine Women’s Hall of the Casa Rosada, the President fired: “To those who speculate, to those who want to win by taking advantage of the uncertainty, I warn you: if you want to test our strength, you are going to test it. If they think we are going to hesitate, today they have the proof that we will and we are going to continue with what we are doing.”

The head of the Health portfolio, Carla Vizzotti, who accompanied him at the event, was a privileged witness to the harangue in which the head of state assured that the Government was prepared to “put its chest up and fight” necessary to defend “the rights of Argentines”.

In the auditorium there was no militancy, but doctors, health personnel and patients who participated in the promulgation of the laws on HIV, Viral Hepatitis, Tuberculosis and Sexually Transmitted Infections and Pediatric Oncology, but the head of state continued with a message addressed to a specific group, who speculate on prices.

“The Government is willing to give the fights that have to be given so that people do not have to resign rights”Alberto Fernandez

“The government is willing to give the fights that have to be given so that people do not have to give up rights,” Fernandez later insisted, and in the same sense he finished: “There is no time for speculation.”

With that message, he resumed some of the agreements drawn up by the highest levels of the FdT in the recent saga of “reserved” meetings that began ten days ago and of which only minor details were leaked, starting with the dinner in Olivos on a Monday the night: the central objective, with different roles, is to curb inflation.

Given that maxim, Peronism returns to one of its classic recipes: win the street. Just as Peronism was born with a spontaneous mobilization that filled Plaza de Mayo on October 17, 1945 demanding the freedom of the then Secretary of Labor and Welfare, now it will be the columns of the CGT, the CTA and various social movements that come out to the streets to raise their voice. In principle, the claims will point against the price-setting entrepreneurs.

This initiative is in line with the new stage of the FdT, which the spokeswoman for the Presidency Gabriela Cerruti described as “institutional, reserved and permanent dialogue”, while the public fights seem shelved or on stand-by, and the differences and the nuances are reserved for hand-to-hand talks.

Everything is aligned to concentrate energies against the pressures of those groups that actively oppose the model represented by the ruling coalition, after a pandemic and in the context of a war that is affecting the entire world.

union sectors

In that context, The small table of the CGT reappeared this week to propose to the board of directors of the workers’ union that a mobilization be carried out on August 17 from the Obelisk to Plaza Congreso: the slogan is “in rejection of inflation.”

In this regard, the co-secretary of the CGT, Héctor Daer, pointed out that “it is a very complex scenario, which does not have many precedents in economics or politics books, where in a country like Argentina, there is a succession of historical indebtedness, pandemic and a world war”.

“But if we do not harmonize the moment in which we are living among all the sectors, everything is going to get more and more difficult, with speculation the order of the day,” warned the head of Health and one of the heads of the CGT.

Without hesitation, the head of the Workers’ CTA and national deputy, Hugo Yasky, considered that “a process of mobilization must be initiated so that the people in the street are the protagonists of an agenda that includes a response to get out of this situation with more democracy, more distribution and social justice, and not with more adjustment”.

“We are in the midst of a speculative attack from sectors that want to destabilize the government and that hit the fragility of the economic situation that is favored by what is happening in the world, with the war and the increase in prices. We have to stop speculative maneuvers,” exhorted the legislator and trade unionist.

With the strength of the workers’ centrals activated, the different currents that converge in the FdT celebrated the new stage of dialogue.

Word from the presidential spokesperson

For Cerruti, the situation that the FdT is experiencing in these weeks is one of a “sensation of calm, of serenity” and he valued that “dialogue” has been recovered in the internal ranks of the coalition, particularly in its main instances.

On the progress of the official management, the official pointed out this Saturday that the administration is characterized by “dialogue”, “work” and “manage” in a very complex moment in Argentina but also at a global level.

“We have to handle a lot of serenity because the situation is very complex in a world where the economy is going to get worse, according to the Europeans themselves who expect the worst to come in their winter,” he predicted.

This was also highlighted by the Renovating Front, which met this Friday in the Buenos Aires municipality of San Fernando, where its main leaders – among them the head of the Chamber of Deputies Sergio Massa – struggled to “strengthen management, build solutions to problems and take care of unity”.

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