The Frigate Libertad set sail for a new training trip

The Frigate Libertad set sail for a new training trip

Photo: Victoria Egurza

The ARA Libertad Frigate departed this Saturday from the Buenos Aires Naval Station more than 300 crew on board on a voyage that will conclude in September and plans to visit 11 ports in America and Europe on its 50th training voyage as a training ship for the Argentine Navy.

Dozens of family members fired the crew that make up 27 officers, 191 petty officers and 92 midshipmen in commission, that with the five-month journey they complete their training cycle with a nautical practice in the arts of the sea, before graduation.

This year they travel on board the school ship almost 50 women.

The voyage includes in this edition the visit to eleven ports: Fortaleza (Brazil), Castries (Saint Lucia), Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic), Havana (Cuba), Veracruz (Mexico), Baltimore (United States), Dublin (Ireland), Saint Malo (France), Toulon (France), Cádiz (Spain) and Salvador de Bahía (Brazil).

Photo Victoria Egurza
Photo: Victoria Egurza

During the tour, the ship will do its pre-professional practices together with crew members from the navy of Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru and Uruguay.

“This 50th trip not only shows the validity of a tradition, but also a record that had to be delayed by the pandemic. That’s why this year we have a double promotion of the navy making the full trip,” he assured at the beginning of the ceremony. Minister of Defense, Jorge Taiana, before boarding the frigate to greet the crew.

With the Argentine flag flying on the masts of the ship, the Music Band of the General Staff of the Navy celebrated the order of departure with the sound of military marches.

“This trip will proudly take our crew to several countries, to more than 300 people, of which almost 50 are women. This shows that progress has been made in incorporating women into the forces, something that we encourage and are proud of.” Taiana pointed out.



Along with the minister, the chief of the General Staff of the Navy, Julio Horacio Guardia; the head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the Armed Forces, Juan Martín Paleo; the Chief of the General Staff of the Air Force, Xavier Julián Isaac, and civil, military and diplomatic authorities.

Before, with the personnel formed in front of the frigate, the war flag was unsheathed, in an act in which the stanzas of the National Anthem were sung, culminating in applause from those present.

Taiana said that on the frigate “we have brotherhood in the crew”since sailors from several countries will accompany the crew in specific practices during the trip.

“It is a long trip, 10,000 nautical miles. An extraordinary navigation in an extraordinary ship. It will allow training, camaraderie and temperance of all the members of the crew. Best wishes in these months ahead, have good winds, calm seas, and let Argentine pride stand high”, he concluded.

Meanwhile, it was announced that in commemoration of the 50th training tripthe Correo Argentino produced a postal stationery (stamped envelope) that will be delivered to each member of the crew.

Photo Victoria Egurza
Photo: Victoria Egurza

The main objective of the crossing is to finish the cycle of studies for young midshipmenwith a nautical practice in the arts of the sea, before graduation, and strengthen ties with the countries visited.

The crew of the Frigate Libertad of 317 people, of which 49 are women, is made up of 27 officers, 92 commissioned midshipmen and 191 non-commissioned officers.

In addition, 11 guests from training institutes of the Argentine Navy, other Armed Forces, universities and foreign Navies are on board.


The ship will set sail on Saturday at 10 o’clock, under the command of Captain Carlos Pedro Schavinsky, and its return will be on September 25 to the city of Buenos Aires.

During his itinerary, which will last 5 months, he plans to visit eleven foreign ports, six from America and five from Europe:
Fortaleza (Brazil)
Castries (Saint Lucia)
Santo Domingo Dominican Republic)
Havana Cuba)
Veracruz Mexico)
Baltimore (USA)
Dublin (Ireland)
Saint Malo (France)
Toulon (France)
Cadiz (Spain)
Salvador de Bahia (Brazil)

In addition, it will participate in the “Velas Latinoamérica” ​​nautical event, organized by the Federative Republic of Brazil, a country that celebrates the Bicentennial of its Independence.

Photo Victoria Egurza
Photo: Victoria Egurza

“We bid farewell to our training ship and crew, beginning the 50th instruction voyage. On this occasion, the Frigate Libertad will be at sea for five months to complete the professional training of our future officers,” said Admiral Guardia, who presided over the act.

“Forty years after the Falklands War, it will make a stopover in Toulon, France, where the first ship that originated the first settlement on our islands sailed” in the 18th century, Guardia said about the frigate’s route.

The admiral maintained that “the vast maritime spaces that make up our country and the wealth found in them make it essential to have the best preparation of our human resources.”

“The Frigate Libertad will carry on board 92 midshipmen from the training institute founded 150 years ago dedicated to training those who voluntarily choose to serve the country from the sea,” he added.

Photo Victoria Egurza
Photo: Victoria Egurza

For his part, he celebrated that the ship will make its pre professional practices together with navy crew members from Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru and Uruguay, creating “ties of fraternity and brotherhood among peoples”.

Thus, the chief of the Navy General Staff alluded that on the trip “the demands will be many and varied; but our capacity, dedication and effort will allow us to overcome them.”

“I wish you good winds and may the patron saint of the seas accompany you on this journey”he saluted the midshipmen.

After the speech, the reading of the Ship’s Sailing Order continued, after which the ship’s captain Carlos Pedro Schavinsky reported that the Frigate Libertad is “ready to set sail”.

Photo Victoria Egurza
Photo: Victoria Egurza

Photo Victoria Egurza
Photo: Victoria Egurza

Photo Victoria Egurza
Photo: Victoria Egurza

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