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The former dairy Schreiber Foods was acquired by Uruguayans and they are working to reopen it

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This Sunday the 140 years of Ecilda Paullier were celebrated in San José. Within the framework of Acts headed by the President of the Republic, Luis Lacalle Pouthe mayor of Ecilda Paullier, Leonardo Giménez, assured the local portal San José Ahora that the former dairy plant of Schreiber Foods was acquired by national capitals.

The mayor of Ecilda Paullier confirmed to El Observador that the investors are Uruguayan and that there are currently maintenance activities that indicate that it will reopen its doors.

“There are national capitals that made the investment” to buy the plant, assured the mayor and stated that “they are working on the possibility of a reopening.”

Until now, the authorities in Maragata have not confirmed the date on which the plant will start operating again. “Yes, we have had conversations with the person in charge of large investments of the San José Municipality, Francisco Zunino, the mayor Ana Bentaberri and I with some new owners of the plant who are evaluating its reopening,” Giménez said.

Although there is no specific date for its reopening, the plant is currently undergoing maintenance and activity is seen in the area of ​​kilometer 91 of Route 1, where it is located. “They are preparing it, setting up the boilers that have been stopped for a long time and that requires special maintenance,” said the mayor.

Based on that meeting that the authorities held with the investors, Giménez indicated that The new plant would begin operations with a much lower percentage of workers than it had when it closed in 2015. At that time, 170 people worked at Schreiber Foods. “They are going to carry out a gradual evaluation of the operation of the plant”, highlighted the mayor. They will also have to decide who sends the milk.

the closure

The dairy Schreiber Foods, Inc., announced the closure of its production plant in June 2015 after five years of operations in the country.

At that moment The company that employed 170 workers exported dairy products and derivatives to China, Russia, Brazil, Venezuela, Mexico, Chile and the United States, among other markets.

Among the reasons for its closure, the company highlighted the financial losses that worsened in 2014, when there was a “sharp change” in the drop in international prices and the closure of some of the markets to which it exported, such as Venezuela, Russia, Mexico and Brazil. Added to this was an increase in the price paid to producers for milk.

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