The first reconstruction of the violent kidnapping in Las Londras will take place on Monday

The first reconstruction of the violent kidnapping in Las Londras will take place on Monday

At 1:00 p.m. on Monday, May 30 the first reconstruction of the violent kidnapping will take place of 17 people in Las Londras, a property located in the municipality of El Puente. The only two accused and detained in jail will be present at this hearing: Paulino Camacho Vedia and Hebert Sixto Canaza Sacaca, the victims (journalists, property workers and police officers) and the Prosecutor’s Office.

The hearing to inspect and reconstruct the events was supposed to take place on May 24 at the Las Londras property, but due to the blockade that exists in the municipality of San Julián could not be notified to the parties involved and therefore was suspended.

The commission of prosecutors composed of: Delmy Guzmán, Osvaldo Tejerina and Wálter Cisneros ddecided to reschedule this hearing for Monday, May 30, at the request of the defense of the affected journalists, Raquel Guerrero.

In this reconstruction will be present Paulino Camacho Vedia and Herbert Sixto Canaza Sacaca, who will be transferred from the Montero prison to Las Londras, by the police officer assigned to the case.

Guerrero indicated that, with this hearing, the violence that exercised against the 17 people (three police officers, six journalists and eight civilians) on October 28, 2021 in Las Londras. In addition, the participation of each of the detainees will be identified.

Saturday will be seven months since the violent kidnapping in Londons and despite the fact that the process is advancing, to date there are only two detainees, three arrest warrants have not been executed and 22 citations have not been issued.

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