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The first presentation of the health reform was filed

The representative to the Chamber for the Historical Pact and coordinator of the health reform, Alfredo Mondragon, settled this Friday in the company of the congressman for the peace seats, Juan Carlos Vargasthe first presentation of this project to give way to the discussion in the Seventh Commission of this corporation.

The positive paper was signed by six of the nine speakers; Martha Alfonso, from the Green Alliance; Germán Gómez, from Comunes; Gerardo Yépez, from the Conservative Party; Camilo Ávila, from the U Party; Alfredo Mondragón, from the Historical Pact and Juan Carlos Vargas from the Peace Seats.

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“Most of the speakers and coordinators of the health reform we reached an agreement to continue advancing this great reform that the country awaits, that has to give the population certainty that their treatments and procedures will continue to be protected,” Mondragón said.

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