The first footballer to come out as gay receives death threats

The first footballer to come out as gay receives death threats

Cavallo, in an interview with the BBC, spoke about your social media experience since almost two years ago he decided to reveal that he is homosexual, at a historic moment for football, since he was the first player of his level to do so and has inspired others to follow in his footsteps.

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“Sometimes I’m at home with the phone and I get a notification of an insult. It’s hard, because it’s been almost two years and they keep coming to me threats of death. It’s not acceptable, it’s something unpleasantbut at the same time I know that I have paved the way for many others and that to do so I have to go through this. I know who I’m passing it on for, for the people who suffer in silence,” admitted Cavallo, who also recalled the moment in which he told his teammates at the Adelaide, Australian club, his decision to publicly reveal his sexual condition.

“We were all in the locker room and I told them who I am. Everyone was crying, which was really nice, because they were like my brothers and I’ve never seen that side of them. Celebrating this together, such an important step in my life, I couldn’t be more proud of them. He made me wonder why he was hiding it for so long. After that, I went to the car, posted my message (in which he came out as gay), put my phone in the glove compartment and went home. My life changed completely.”

Since Cavallo’s announcement, other players have followed in his footsteps jake danielsfrom Blackpool, who was the first footballer in more than 30 years to declare himself homosexual while still active or the Getafe player Jakub Jankto.

The entrance The first footballer to come out as gay receives death threats was first published on newspaper TODAY.

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