La película sobre cómo procesar a dictadores, que acaban de exhibir en Cuba

The film on how to prosecute dictators, which has just been shown in Cuba

CDMX, Mexico-. With prolonged applause and ovations, the public of the capital’s Charles Chaplin cinema received the film “Argentina, 1985”. The film, directed by Santiago Miltre, was chosen to open the 43rd International Festival of New Latin American Cinema.

paradoxically the dictatorship The oldest in the hemisphere and with a long history of artistic censorship decided to screen a film with an interesting message for a national audience. The Cubans present in the room watched a film that shows the need for justice to heal a society hurt by dictators.

The film, which will be Argentina’s candidate for the Oscars, tells how the process began against the Argentine dictator Jorge Rafael Videla, and other senior officials of his government that left thousands of people missing.

The renowned actor Ricardo Darín (who according to several critics has been impeccable) plays prosecutor Julio Strassera. He and his deputy, Luis Moreno, led the process against the military.

The official synopsis reads: “In their David vs. Goliath battle against power, they dared against all odds and under constant threat, to prosecute the heads of Argentina’s bloodiest military dictatorship, bringing justice to its victims and peace. to their survivors.”

How to process the commanders?

In little more than two hours, the film shows that even the most ferocious dictatorships fall and those who led them will not have forgiveness, but justice. The judicial process that Argentina began in 1985, to date registers more than 500 ex-military and police officers prosecuted for crimes against humanity.

Since The specialized media The Hollywood Reporter, Sheri Linden defined the film as “an instructive and thoughtful description of what it takes to hold tyrants accountable within the perimeters of a legal system, the persistence and paperwork and intrepidity necessary to achieve justice.” An interesting reflection for Cuba, don’t you think?

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